What should be in the Easter basket?

Что должно быть в пасхальной корзине?

Preparing the Easter basket should be approached with caution because some products and things that can bring trouble on your house. Unless, of course, to believe in folk beliefs…

The most important thing in the basket — it’s Easter and eggs. Easter has to be the best and biggest. Easter eggs symbolize new life, while the believers Easter is a symbol of fullness of life.

In addition to the above prerequisite products in the Easter basket for the blessing also put: vegetables, fruits and spices.
Further, the cart should send cooked meat, which is a symbol of a sacrificial lamb, and any dairy product (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese), which indicates that divine love to everyone.

Что должно быть в пасхальной корзине?

Assemble a beautiful basket for Easter — it is a good tradition

This set of products for Easter basket is not accidental, because these are the meals that were forbidden during lent. Also, one of the basket components may be an ordinary fuck. (symbol of the bitter captivity of sin). Hell is symbolic should strengthen us in the struggle against sin.

What is not Holy in Easter?

Believed that we can not hallow knives, documents, icons, crosses and money. Usually clerics, if you see these in an Easter basket, please remove the forbidden items. It is strictly forbidden to put in an Easter basket any alcoholic beverages except wine.

The Church prohibits the consumption of alcohol in any form, only wine red (color of blood) that comes from the vine – the symbol of life, of resurrection, of cleansing and rebirth”.

The material is prepared by Olesya Soldatenko

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