Top 5 products for the prevention of diseases of the pancreas

Топ-5 продуктов для профилактики заболеваний поджелудочной железы

Enter in your daily diet foods that sounded gastroenterologists and forget about the problems with the pancreas.

Proper nutrition is one of the most effective methods of prevention of diseases of the pancreas.

The main functions of the pancreas:

• production of important enzymes that help break down food and improve digestion;

• neutralization of gastric acid to prevent damage to the intestine;

• regulation of blood sugar levels.

When your pancreas is not functioning properly, nutrients from food don’t saturate the body. Add to your menu 5 products of which this body is overjoyed.


The spice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and also stimulates the production of insulin, which prevents the development of diabetes. Moreover, it prevents the formation of gallstones, which are a risk factor for development of pancreatitis.

Топ-5 продуктов для профилактики заболеваний поджелудочной железы


High in protein and fiber, gluten-free, high in antioxidants — all this makes buckwheat just indispensable food. It promotes normal digestion and elimination of toxic substances from the body. Also buckwheat is one of the first foods that are introduced after a period of fasting in acute pancreatitis.


Tea made from dandelion neutralizes toxins from the intestines and liver. It helps to restore damaged pancreatic tissue and stimulates the production of bile. When bile flow increases, the pressure and oppression of the pancreas is reduced because the process of inflammation is reduced.

Топ-5 продуктов для профилактики заболеваний поджелудочной железы


Spinach is another great product to maintain the health of the pancreas. According to a study by the National cancer Institute diet, which includes spinach and other vegetables, reduces the risk of cancer of the pancreas.


In broccoli contains apigenin — a substance that belongs to a class of bioflavonoids, protect cells from pathogenic effects. Also broccoli is rich in vitamins K and C.

Топ-5 продуктов для профилактики заболеваний поджелудочной железы

According to the materials: ChangingHabits, Fabiosa

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