Top 3 large stars of the Ukrainian variety art

Топ-3 многодетные звезды на украинской эстраде

Clutch made a list of the most colorful many stars, which in the example has proved that the kids career is not a hindrance.

Snezhana Egorova

Топ-3 многодетные звезды на украинской эстраде

The championship is in our Top a large star is Snezhana Yegorova is a happy mother of five children. In the first marriage with Ukrainian film Director of music videos and musicals Sergei Yegorov she had two daughters, Anastasia and Alexander. And during the second marriage with actor and musician Anton Mukharskiy came to light three children — Andrew, Arina and Ivan.

Oleg Skrypka

Топ-3 многодетные звезды на украинской эстраде

Second place in the ranking takes a large Ukrainian rock musician Oleh Skrypka is the proud father of 4 children. The popular actor first became a father at 41, according to him, is the most appropriate age for responsible parenthood.

All children were born in marriage with Natalia, Side, true love Oleg Violin, with which he is in a relationship since 1997. The couple has two sons, Roman and early, and two daughters — Olesya and Zoryane.

Alexander Ponomarev

Топ-3 многодетные звезды на украинской эстраде

Closes the top three of our large celebrity Ukrainian singer Alexander Ponomarev is a caring dad with three children. My first daughter Zoe, the singer adopted during the civil marriage ceremony with Alice’s Brain. The couple also born common daughter Eugenia.

In 2006, Ponomarev has concluded official marriage with Victoria Martynyuk, which gave the artist the first and only one heir — his son Alexander Jr.

At the moment the heart of pop (in small letters) singer freely, but in 2016, the press began to appear the rumors about his affair with the Ukrainian singer Maria Yaremchuk.

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