Time changes people! Wife Krasko, Natalya dramatically aged (photo)

This became evident in her published photos.

Час змінює людей! Дружина Краско, Наталія різко постаріла (фото)

Fans in one voice say that the 28-year-old Natalia Krasko dramatically aged, reports Rus.Media.

Put a new photo in Instagram, the young wife of an elderly people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko has excited its fans with a horrible appearance. Many of them assumed that in the life of 28-year-old girl something went wrong, because so sharply to age is impossible.

Час змінює людей! Дружина Краско, Наталія різко постаріла (фото)

Natalia came to communicate with papinniemi in the comments under the photo. She said that time changes people, it changed her. This answer did not like papinian, and they began to accuse the actress that it is too early speaks of himself as “the aged” wife.

A lot of followers explained this “old” look Natalia, with too much makeup, which is poorly formed and made visible, even the fine lines. In such comments the actress also responded, explaining the dense layer of Foundation and bright eyes highlighted the fact that when working on camera normal daytime makeup will not work and you have to apply many layers of makeup.

Blonde really chose too dark for my complexion shade of Foundation, which not only highlighted the already existing wrinkles, but also added new ones.

Say what you will, 87-year-old Natalia’s husband happy appearance of his wife and happy marriage, which many condemn. Recall that the couple was married three years ago. The age difference of the spouses is 60 years.

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