The test for the mistrust: how much you are worrying

Тест на мнительность: насколько ты тревожная

The human tendency to be nervous from time to time because of certain stressful situations is an integral part of his life, but sometimes the constant doubts, anxiety and excessive haughtiness becomes a real problem.

Suspiciousness in many cases prevents a person to realize their desires and dreams, and sometimes becomes an obstacle to happiness.

This simple test will tell you about if you ever tend to be nervous and if you’re able to correctly assess the situation.

Be honest with yourself, give positive or negative answers to the questions, then you will know the exact result!

1. If you’re worried about what will think of you around?

2. If you inherent stiffness?

3. Are you easily confused?

4. Do you tremble when the phone rings?

5. How long do you risk offending someone from others?

6. Shaking if you had a voice when you’re worried or angry?

7. Do you feel bad when you’re alone in the dark?

8. If you fall in panic, having discovered in the skin rash?

9. If you are afraid to speak in public?

10. How often do you blush?

11. Are you willing to question?

12. If you are afraid to fly airplanes?

13. Jealous?

14. If you can look directly into the eyes of the person?

15. Do you believe in the evil eye?

If you gave a negative answer to 11-15 questions on this test, even though you don’t inherent mistrust, it’s not a reason to “rest on our laurels” because it may mean that you have no self-preservation instinct. But the lack of discretion and complete carelessness may sometimes have unfortunate consequences.

If negative and positive responses was approximately equal (at 7-8), this may indicate that you’re able to correctly assess the situation, knowing how to find the right way to solve problems and overcome difficulties.

If dominated by positive answers to the test questions, this means that you inherent mistrust not just overshadows your life, but often paralyzes your activity. Turn to self-improvement or get help from a psychologist.

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