The old fashion is back!

Corsets came into fashion in 1800-ies.

Стара мода повертається!

The benefits of wearing a corset. Defined as “clothing worn to keep the body in a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes”, reports Rus.Media.

Corsets that are worn as outerwear is trendy, but did you know that there are serious physical benefits to wearing a corset? Here are the reasons why it can be beneficial to your health.

If you have problems with the heel, such as plantar fasciitis, a corset can help you.

Corset relieves stress, which can be in the neck and shoulders. This release can help to get rid of the major aches and migraines.

Corsets can be used to prevent back injuries and can give you support during long hours of work (for example, hard work, long hours on feet and even to the computer).

Those who suffer from syndrome Ehlers-Danlos and other disorders of hypermobility or connective tissue, use corsets to secure the torso and prevent spontaneous movements that may cause further injury.

If you like to ride a motorcycle, the corset can protect your torso. It acts as a shield for the body from accidents.

Corsets can minimize the menstrual cramps. They put pressure on your internal organs, which minimizes menstrual pain.

Corsets can help prevent some types of abdominal hernias, because they reduce the pressure on the stomach.

Those who deal with the diastasis – the separation/divergence of direct muscles of a stomach using corsets to fix it. The use of the corset in the postpartum period may help to hold muscles in place, however, the results may be different.

Corsets can be worn to fight off your big appetite. They help in your weight loss, allowing you to greatly expand the stomach, which can help control portions of food. Consult your doctor before wearing a corset for weight loss.

Wearing a corset too tightly on a daily basis has risk, but as you can see, there are some interesting health benefits. Over time, corsets may give women an hourglass shape that may be harder to achieve in a natural way.

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