The myths of our childhood: recognize yourself?

Мифы нашего детства: узнала себя?

In childhood we sincerely believed in different stories. Remember how we were afraid to eat watermelon seed or swallow the gum?

Here are the most popular myths of our childhood:

  • If someone stepped over you, then it is necessary that he should have stepped back, or you will not grow.
  • If you eat a watermelon seed, the abdomen will grow a watermelon.
  • If you stepped on the foot, it is necessary that you come, and say, “one, two, three mother-father don’t die!”
  • It is impossible to dry your hands with one towel with someone at the same time, and then quarrel.
  • If you score 1000 points in the game where the wolf catches eggs, a cartoon show.
  • Gypsies steal children and take them on the cart.
  • If you swallow gum, the stomach will stick.
  • If you see a dead animal, you can say “FIE-FIE-FIE three times, not my taint”.
  • If someone walked between you and a friend or you were on different sides of the post, you need to say “Hello”, not to quarrel.
  • All basements of the city are connected in a maze.
  • If you eat a sunflower seed with the shell, would be appendicitis.
  • If to scare the man, who squinted, he will remain so.
  • If you open the window during a thunderstorm, lightning will fly.
  • If you step on a needle, it will reach the hearts and you die.
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