The most evil breed of domestic cats

Самые злые породы домашних кошек

Find out what breed of cats are the most evil and dangerous.

Cats are very delicate Pets that require from the owner a lot of attention. They want to be loved and always played with them. They are very clever and cunning animals.

One of the most popular companion animals, the cat is in constant communication with the person, therefore, her behavior is subject to strong impact.

But, despite this, cats perceive the world intuitively and like to do things their own way. Not all cats are cute, there are some breeds of cats. who in the world is considered to be quite angry and aggressive.

Siamese cat — this breed vets all over the world was unanimously declared the most aggressive breed towards humans.

Самые злые породы домашних кошек

Siamese cat

It is noteworthy that the “Siamese” as a thoroughbred representatives of this breed, and mestizo, in its manifestations of aggressiveness through the roof all the indicators. And if, for example, to any other breed is a normal reaction to pain or inconvenience will be aggressive behaviour – the cat may bite, scratch, give an audible warning signal “don’t come near me!” the cats of Siamese breed not only show all this to the fullest, and remember an abuser and will wait for the right moment to avenge the pain and inconvenience.

Resentful of the cat applies not only to the object itself-the offender, but also those who are simply present in this humiliation of the cat family. A cat will find one and all and be sure to take revenge.

The Siamese breed is not recommended to have those “cat people”, who are not able to devote much time to my cat, in a house where there are animals, or older small children.

Another aggressive cat breed jungle cat.

Самые злые породы домашних кошек

Jungle cat

This breed has rather large dimensions — weight can reach 13 kg. They also have a colorful appearance (high legs, reddish brown-colored fur with stripes, thin and long tail, the length of which reaches to half the length of the body, ears erect, with tufts like a lynx) and you’ll understand that with such a cat to be trifled with.

Someone can say that this breed hardly belongs to category Pets and these cats are listed in the Red book, therefore, meet them in the apartment or home is impossible, however, man is always attracted to the exotic and the opportunity to experience the thrill that crossed this jungle cat with more domestic breeds cats, and brought the hybrids breed the Chausy, stone Cougar, Jiang Herl, Abyssinian cats (the result of crossing European, Siamese cats reed cat).

Therefore, if you decide to get a cat in which blood gene is such a jungle cat, be prepared that in your house settled a real predator who will set their own laws and rules.

No less dangerous than the above will become angry and vengeful cat of the Abyssinian breed.

Самые злые породы домашних кошек

Abyssinian cats

Cats have a wilful character. They don’t like for a long time to sit on his lap. These animals choose a place on top. For their education will need a lot of time, as they are quite vindictive. You need to be ready for the games with bites and scratches. Breeders say that Abyssinian cats are able to easily get along with people and other animals. But if they do not like it, they will show aggression.

If you do decide to get a cat, carefully choose the breed, then to not have problems and scratches.

The material is prepared by Olesya Soldatenko

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