The man hates it when you do

Мужчина терпеть не может, когда ты это делаешь

You still think you know everything about it? Then why is there so much misunderstanding? Read our article and forget about unnecessary quarrels in relationships!

The man doesn’t like it when you…

1) …put an ultimatum

Men do not like ultimatums, and women uncertainty. It is important to remember that an ultimatum is a very powerful weapon. You have to be ready for all the ensuing consequences. For example, most women lived in a civil marriage some time, be faced with a choice: to put an ultimatum “I Love you? Marry”. But such an approach only alienates man. Psychologists advise to present this ultimatum only to those women who are inwardly focused on a normal family. A woman should understand the true relationship of man to himself. Young girls, still not seeing himself in the role of mother and “full” wife, we should not lash out at the man with such questions. All the time.

2) impatient …

If your man is busy at work or is in a meeting, he would not be distracted by the phone. Instead of coming in frustrated that your partner does not respond to the message, better be patient and wait.

3) …cry

The researchers found that human tears contain a substance that lowers testosterone levels in men. In other words, the more a woman cries, the less she is attracted to his partner.

Of course, this does not mean that it is not necessary to Express your emotions. Just try to control them and do not cry for any reason.

4) condemn …

Appreciate that he wants to share with you some of their own problems. Each of us are the worst of times, and everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing ahead of time not to judge anyone. Relationship is respect and trust.

5) …put pressure on him

The more a woman presses the man, the worse the result. Therefore, it is best to stop the pressure on him, and take your man with all his flaws. Otherwise, your relationships are meaningless.

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