The greatest gift after his death: to make the other lived – Suprun

In V. Kropiwnicki. the Minister of health Suprun asked the mass media to disseminate information about the importance of organ donation.

Найбільший дар після своєї смерті: зробити так, щоб інший жив - Супрун

“In the United States at least there is the presumption of disagreement, the majority of people signed the documents that they want to be donors. This helped media and culture: film, television, discussion on different levels. So it was decided that this is the biggest gift after his death: to make the other lived, or five people could live ( each kidney, liver, heart, lungs – that’s five people).” explained Suprun, informs Rus.Media.

We will remind, yesterday the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the draft law on transplantation that will allow transplantation of organs in Ukraine from dead and living donors.

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