The cargo is hidden resentment: poems about the fight

Груз затаенных обид: стихи о ссоре

Any resentment is a burden that destroys us, it is hard to breathe and hard to live with. Only with forgiveness comes relief. Don’t keep a grudge, forgive and cherish loved ones:

Had a fight? And sulk even?

Your choice! Only my advice to you:

When you hold someone evil

Imagine that man is no more…


That he was gone. Never will be

As before to see, to feel, to breathe…

He will never hear those words

You wanted to say.


And will not care who is to blame:

Void will be the argument at this hour!

“I’m sorry” to the wind hundreds of times in a row…

Well, what are you? Isn’t it better now?


We need to learn to live simply.

To live without desire again to start over.

And, you know, to truly love

So much time and so little!


They hold a grudge? Pouting yet?

Your choice! Only my advice to you:

When you keep your favorite evil

Imagine them in the world is no more…

Author: Anastasiya Prilepa

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