Svetlana Loboda told after her second child

Светлана Лобода рассказала, когда родится ее второй ребенок

Pregnant Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda shared plans for the future, thereby rassekrechen when awaiting the birth of her second child.

Now the singer Svetlana Loboda is in her last month of pregnancy. Recently, the Network appeared the rumor that an actress had given birth, but hiding it from his fans.

However, after a few days Loboda denied. She published pregnant photo and caption made clear that the rumors about her are exaggerated.

Светлана Лобода рассказала, когда родится ее второй ребенок

Svetlana Loboda in the last month of pregnancy

Now the singer shared his plans for the future. Loboda said that he was going to take part in the concert of the award MUZ-TV in 2018. Moreover, on the website of the award the artist stated in a number of specially invited stars.

The award will take place less than a month later, on 8 June. So the singer is planning a second child at the end of may.

In addition, the singer intrigued followers, promising them unexpected surprises and duets at the music awards. The singer re-posted on his page in Instagram the memory of last year’s speech with a young Ukrainian singer max Barskih. Then during a number Barsky suddenly kissed quinoa. Meanwhile, images with max heated Network discussions about who really is the father of the second child stars.

Светлана Лобода рассказала, когда родится ее второй ребенок

Svetlana Loboda and Max Barsky

Note that the name of the father of the child artist hides. According to rumors, Loboda pregnant by the soloist of the popular German band Rammstein till Lindemann, with whom he met last summer at the festival of Heat.

We will remind, earlier the sex of the child Svetlana Loboda accidentally declassified the eldest daughter of the singer’s 7-year-old Evangelina.

Watch the video, in which Svetlana Loboda and Max Barskih performing the song Heart beats:

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