Stay in the tale: Five incredible places to stay with children

Отдых в сказке: Пять невероятных мест для отдыха с детьми

How to choose a place where the best rest with children? Easy! If you know where to look.

Many parents believed that the best vacation would be the country where most historical attractions where you can spend days to talk about the historical culture. But in fact familiarity with the history can be pulled up to a more adult age of the child — then there will be more chance that’s going to impress him. To families with children was interesting and memorable, give children a real journey through fantastic places.

Top 5 fantastic world, where children and parents can immerse yourself in the story and long remember the rest.

1. Ocean Dome, Japan

Отдых в сказке: Пять невероятных мест для отдыха с детьми

Japan is the world’s largest water Park, is listed in the Guinness Book of records — “Ocean dome”. A huge amusement Park, which can accommodate 10 thousand people, is covered by a giant dome, which reaches 38 meters in height, it painted the sky. Inside the artificial ocean with waves, beach. Year-round the water temperature never falls below 25 degrees, and when it’s hot outside, the dome opens and you can see not painted, but the real sky. Inside the dome there are many tropical plants, so do not even notice that you’re on an artificial ocean. In addition, the “Ocean dome” has a lot of stages with waves, water slides, swimming pools, cinemas, restaurants, entertainment complexes. There is also an artificial volcano every hour he lets the lava out, and at night the ocean is highlighted by a unique lighting system with ultraviolet rays.

2. BonBon-Land, Denmark

Отдых в сказке: Пять невероятных мест для отдыха с детьми

If you and your children know the tale of Hansel and Gretel or the movie “Charlie chocolate factory”, where the flowing chocolate rivers, and the trees grew fruit caramel, then this place will make you a fairy-tale heroes and fulfill the dreams of children.

The Danish amusement Park Wapop-Land resembles confectionery Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. In the Danish place families with children there is a circus, about 60 roundabouts and slides. Here will show magicians show, Rodeo, performances of trained animals. There are many chocolate fairy-tale characters. There is a giant caramel cow with busts, and a lot of other chocolate shapes. So Park BonBon-Land has attracted great attention in adults and children.

3. Suoi Tien Park, Saigon, Vietnam

Отдых в сказке: Пять невероятных мест для отдыха с детьми

It’s an amusement Park in a Buddhist style. Here will not only entertain, but also to experience the culture of the country. The territory is surrounded by various statues and dragons. The most unusual attractions is the “bat Cave” and a bike path over the crocodiles. Crocodile farm – quite an impressive sight. The farm is home to hundreds of crocodiles with immense jaws, and terrible teeth who literally go under your feet. Predators can feed. And the cave is inhabited by dozens of bats, which will meet you in the evening.

4. Mini-Europe, Belgium

Отдых в сказке: Пять невероятных мест для отдыха с детьми

Imagine, instead of months to open the good old Europe, you can see it here in Brussels, just a few hours. On the territory of 24 thousand square meters houses 80 cities and 350 buildings. All the beautiful castles, monuments, ancient palaces, the town hall, gates — all the old part and the main attractions of Europe are concentrated here in scale of 1/25. Here you can see big Ben with a height of four meters and the Eiffel tower height of a three story house. Not only that, all of Europe is concentrated in one place, here still it is possible to see the whole theatrical performances and productions. In Germany you falling of the Berlin wall, in Italy happens the eruption of Vesuvius, and in France, vengeance racing high-speed train. Children will definitely be delighted with such entertainments.

5. Paris, Disneyland

Отдых в сказке: Пять невероятных мест для отдыха с детьми

This cartoon world you want to get all the children of the world, because it was created by the best cartoons. Disneyland in Paris is a whole world of wonder and entertainment, is located 32 km East of Paris on the area of 2000 hectares! French Disneyland, the largest theme Park in Europe was opened in 1992 and is a replica of the American Disneyland. Later, in 2002, it opened another Park, Disney Studio Park, which provides an opportunity to look at the wonderful world of cinema from the inside.

As conceived by Walt Disney, this magical world was created not just for children but for their parents, for family holidays and combines stay in the fairy Kingdom. It’s a city, in addition to theme Park Park and movie Studios Walt Disney, there are entertainment centers, 3 music club (rock-n -roll, country, disco ), more than 50 themed restaurants and cafes that offer dinner with the concert program, several pools (open and closed ), fitness facilities, tennis courts

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