SkyBell smart doorbell for your home

SkyBell: умный звонок для твоего дома

A device that alerts you to who is calling the door of the house.

Modern technology is gradually replacing the old things. Today we want to talk about a doorbell SkyBell, who like many gadgets simplify our lives. What functions it performs and how to use it, read our review.

General characteristics:

1. Lying on the couch, you can check who is calling at your door.
2. The device runs on a Wi-Fi network.

SkyBell: умный звонок для твоего дома

3. Sinhroniziruete a tablet and a smartphone.
4. When someone calls at your door on your smartphone or tablet comes to the notice of the call, and then run video and audio.
5. Thanks to voice communication, you can talk with the guest, and the video transmits images.
6. You can find out who came to visit from outside the house.
7. Is powered by electricity.
8. To manage calls using the SkyBell app.
9. Has a built-in infrared illumination thanks to which you can see at night the man who came to visit.
10. Made of durable plastic.

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