Sister Meghan Markle caught in a terrible accident

Сестра Меган Маркл попала в жуткое ДТП

Samantha Grant, which is the sister of the bride of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, was involved in a road traffic accident.

In the accident that occurred on the night of Thursday, may 17, was hospitalized sister Meghan Markle Samantha. As reports of the popular American tabloid TMZ, the woman hurt her leg in two places, broke my ankle and tore knee ligaments.

Boyfriend Grant named mark said that they drove to Florida near the city jail, when they were surrounded by paparazzi. The man claims that before them there was a photographer and tried to take a picture up close. Beloved sister Markle turned the wheel to the left to avoid the annoying paparazzi, and crashed into a concrete barrier.

Сестра Меган Маркл попала в жуткое ДТП

Meghan Markle and Samantha Grant

According to him, Samantha had hit the windshield and fell onto the Mat and was unable to rise. The perpetrator quickly left the scene of the accident, and mark hastened to bring his beloved to the hospital.

Samantha Grant is in a difficult relationship with his sister Meghan Markle. Recently, a woman said the decision to write a book the Diaries of sister Princess were upstarts.

Recall, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will exchange vows in St George’s chapel at Windsor castle on Saturday, may 19. Earlier Clutch told where you can watch the broadcast of the Royal wedding.

Watch the video Samantha Grant:

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