Significant events on 18 may: Museum Day

Annually on may 18, Museum workers all over the world celebrate their professional holiday.

Знаменні події 18 травня: День музеїв

International Museum day appeared in the calendar in 1977, when at the next meeting of the International Council of museums adopted a proposal by the Russian organization on establishment of this cultural festival. And since 1978 this day is celebrated annually in more than 150 countries, reports Rus.Media.

In celebration of many museums in different countries of the world open their doors to the public free of charge, prepare the new exhibition, lectures, tours, scientific reading. Often this important cultural event coincides with the holding of thematic festivals, the most famous of which – “Night of museums” has become in recent years very popular. It is held in many cities around the world, usually in the night from Saturday to Sunday, closest to may 18.


May 18 decision of the Supreme Council of the Crimea in 1994 set as the Day of memory of victims of deportation of peoples of the Crimea. On this day in 1944 to Central Asia from Crimea was sent the first echelon of the Crimean Tatars, Germans, Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks and other peoples of the Crimea.

Also on this day…

In 1048 he was born Omar Khayyam, a Persian and Tajik poet, mathematician, philosopher.

1850 – born Oliver Heaviside, an English mathematician, physicist, predicted the existence of the ionosphere – the upper atmosphere of the Earth, reflecting electromagnetic waves.

1921 – Kharkiv on the basis of the Academy of theoretical knowledge was formed the Institute of public education. Future pedagogical.

1923 French engineer Antoine since you will received a patent for a phone with a rotary dial.

1927 – American actress Norma Talmadge accidentally left the imprint of his feet on the stretch of desactivado of asphalt on the Boulevard in Los Angeles, which has prompted enterprising people on the idea of creating a Hollywood alley foot prints of movie stars.

1953 – American Aviator Jacqueline Cochran became the first woman in the world, overcame the aircraft the sound barrier.

1955 – born Yun-Fat Chow, Chinese-American actor (“Bulletproof monk,” “Anna and the king”, “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”).

1958 – Second Cannes film festival “Palme d’or” was awarded the Soviet film “the cranes are Flying”. Among the competitors were the works of outstanding masters of world cinema Pietro Germi, Juan Antonio Bardem, Ingmar Bergman, Jacques Tati. Tatiana Samoilova, who played a major role in the film, and the American actress Jane Mansfield were the main stars of the festival.

1961 – Ukraine established a literary prize named after Taras Shevchenko.

1962 – born Sandra (Sandra Lauer), German pop singer. Early in his career he played in a trio Arabesque. Then soared even higher with the song “Maria Magdalena”.

1972 – the crash of the plane An-10A Aeroflot, carrying out flight Moscow (Domodedovo) – Kharkiv. 10:39 the plane took off from Vnukovo airport. The flight took place under favorable weather conditions. At 11:44 on approach to Kharkov airport the crew confirmed to the dispatcher that received the indication of the reduction to the height of 1500 m in the area of the 3rd turn, the landing rate of 263°, and this was the last communication with the plane. At the 11:53 mark of the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen. During the lowering from the height of 4500 to 1500 m at an altitude of 1700 began the destruction of the aircraft. The wreckage was found 20 km from the airport in the area between S. BORSHCHOV and S. Russkaya Lozovaya Dergachi district, Kharkiv region. In the crash killed 122 people, including a famous actor (impersonator Viktor Chistyakov.

1997 – Irish Bridget Darren received a diploma with honors of the National University at the age of 102 years (a world record).

1999 – the government of Canada after a year of discussions, said that he will not regulate and control the Internet in the country.

2005 – ratification of the Ottawa Convention Ukraine finally undertook to remove the fifth largest Arsenal of antipersonnel mines in the world.

Nameday of Andrey, Ivan, Amos, Micah, Jacob.

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