Sex. On what date are you?

Секс. На каком свидании уже можно?

The first intimacy should happen at the right time. But when it comes “right time”? On what date is time to have sex? How to avoid the risk of disappointment? Share experts!

Steve Harvey his book “Act like a lady, think like a man” advised not to engage in sexual relations for 90 days! The writer believes that a man with serious intentions and is willing to wait three months.

Not all psychologists and readers agree with Harvey, because each of us knows at least one story where a rapid intimate relationship with time into a happy marriage, while for too long waiting for the first location, followed by a complete failure. It turns out, practice suggests that the results of the different models of behavior are very inconsistent. Of course, this does not mean you have to go to bed with a man an hour after meeting. It means only that you should listen to your heart and mind!

Paul Zygmantovich, psychologist and author of “How to make the right choice,” says the first question of the proximity of the partners as follows:

“My observation of people shows people who are set up creating a long and strong relationship, do not try immediately to translate the communication in the horizontal plane. On the contrary — they even keep such impulses (I know men who suspended their loved ones, they say, take your time dear, don’t)”.

Expert advice is still not to seek immediately go to sex, but has to first understand whether you want to be together for a long time.

Psychologist Sergei Chevota says in this regard:

“Sex can be when you really want with this man sex. If you along great — no reason to wait. It makes no sense to think about the rules, and that someone looks askance. Is not it all. No one has long been not looking askance, and men or about someone bad I think not.”

Professor Robert Seymour from University College London believes that longer courtship gives women the opportunity to gather information about the man. Thus, the woman reduces the chances of inappropriate relationship with her man.


  1. To want sex does not mean to be ready for it! You know, the man who set to create a serious relationship, will understand you and support. And those who are not willing to wait a bit, most likely, will flee after the first night together.
  2. It all depends on what goal you are pursuing. If you want a serious relationship, go to bed with a man on a first date it is better not worth it.
  3. Do not rush! Learn to feel, man and time. Remember that formulaic situations.
  4. It is not the number of meetings and hours spent together. You have to understand that your relationship had become sincere and trustworthy. If so, then sex will only make them deeper and more sensual. But if you are unsure, take your time – this proximity, is unlikely to bring the desired pleasure.
  5. Jamie, the main character of the romantic Comedy “friends with benefits”, I was sure that the bed can safely go after five meetings, but her theory has failed…
  6. Distracted from thoughts carried away in the moment! If you think that your relationship can go on an intimate level and the moment’s finally here, don’t let him. Not worth very much to worry about that will have to wait for your pair after the first sex. So you run the risk of losing all the beauty of the current moment.
  7. P. S. positions sex as her most important gift, because after receiving the sweetest, the man will not be so interesting to you.

The material was prepared by Maria Marchenko

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