Scandal during a speech Jamala: it was a provocation – Bebeshko

Music producer Vladimir Bebeshko, the radio station voice of the Capital, said that the scandal that happened at the Eurovision song contest during a speech Jamala is not the responsibility of conservation, and Director.

Скандал під час виступу Джамали: це була провокація - Бебешко

During his speech, Jamala Eurovision came on the scene people in the Australian flag and showed the audience the bare buttocks. It instantly brought the guards. This man was a notorious prankster Vitaly Seduc, reports Rus.Media.

The confusion on the radio station voice of the Capital commented music producer Vladimir Bebeshko.

“Of course it was a scandal. And I think that is the fault not even of protection, because protection is triggered after 5 seconds. This is a big mistake of the Director, who was sitting at the console. If he saw that a man jumped from the audience, he had to go to another plan, to the public. It was a provocation, to talking about it. The Director will answer for this, it is his competence. As much as possible, it can even be jailed,” said the producer.

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that the Ukrainian prankster Vitaly Seduc, who took off his pants on stage during the final of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, was detained, he faces a fine or imprisonment for up to five years.

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