Refrigerator, comes the voice of the master

Холодильник, приезжающий на голос хозяина

And again, these Japanese! Panasonic gave the world a refrigerator, independently moving around the space, responding to voice commands, recommended by the master meals, finely tailored under the beverages (fridge which in itself contains).

The unit focuses in our world with the help of depth sensors and laser sensors. Thanks to them, the fridge can get to any point.

Холодильник, приезжающий на голос хозяина

Will we have the chance to buy yourself such a useful pet home – is still unknown. Perhaps Panasonic plans was only to present the invention at the exhibition in Berlin.

But such independent fridge could serve for the good of society! If you do not perceive it as fun and toy – moving gadget would be a salvation for the elderly or the disabled.

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