Ready to travel and not go crazy: life hacks of successful women

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

9 successful women “showed” Clutch your bags for travel. So, what I take on holiday with them opinion leaders, business lady, stars and supermamy?

On Earth thousands and thousands of colorful, breathtaking places that each of us just have to see it firsthand. Majestic canyons, scenic waterfalls, endless forests with the most unusual animals…. This and many other things you can learn with the help of a new project from the National Geographic channel – “Unknown planet Earth”.

And what suitcase conquered the world heroine of our time – read on!

Especially for you women’s site Clutch and the company WILL have prepared an article that will help you to avoid difficulties during the gathering and organization of the trip of the dreams.

Miroslav Ulyanina, motivational speaker and trainer in the direction of a healthy lifestyle, certified consultant in nutrition and fitness.

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

I’m all for spontaneous travel. For a long time to plan, to choose long, long time to come – it’s not my nature. I need to this morning to solve day to get tickets – and in the coming days to sit in the plane. As much as I love to travel as much I hate to assemble things in the way. Do it at the last minute. So the last thing when closing up the case, I’m calling the taxi driver and recalls that 10 minutes already waiting for me under the house. Don’t like to collect things, because too many options: this dress will look beautiful on the photos, these pants – comfortable to madness, this blouse it’s time to walk… If I was going on about all of his ideas, but the suitcase turned out to be the whole wardrobe. And I love to travel “light” with a suitcase for hand Luggage size of 55×40×20.

Therefore, the last two years collecting things for the principle of “made in Ukraine”. Yes, clothing, shoes and accessories take only the ones that “made in Ukraine”. At least in my wardrobe quite a few things Ukrainian designers, but such a rigid criterion of the choice is still narrow. And the less choice the easier it is to do. An idea of things #madeinUkraine came after a trip to new York. Too much like that throughout the flight I was approached by the flight attendants – and spoke good words about my coat of sand color. Made in Ukraine, as you know. The only thing that does not fit this principle, sports uniform and sneakers. Without a set for training and morning runs I’m not going anywhere. Physical activity is an important part of my life, and so I don’t care what pants, top, jacket and sneakers take Polimoda! Place they I always find.

Fortunately, my next “must have” do not occupy much space. This spirulina powder, granular pollen, and a set to match: the matcha tea, bamboo whisk and private scoops of chashaku. These things allow me not to break your favorite traditions and be in excellent health during the trip. In the morning I can drink warm water with a spoon of pollen that will give a powerful vitamin charge. After that I’ll book the hotel of orange-grapefruit juice, and will add spirulina to fill the body with chlorophyll, which means: energy, power, essential amino acids and antioxidants. And in the evening, if I want to relax and meditate after a busy day, emotionally, I’ll brew a Cup match, concentrating on every detail: from the brewing process to the last SIP. Will do it – and for the hundredth time understand: life is beautiful because you can travel.

Marina Aristova, mother of many children, a restaurateur, an adherent of healthy lifestyle

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

Our family loves to travel, most often a trip with the whole family, with children of different ages. Yes, of course, sometimes parents need a romantic weekend, but we love to travel together with her daughters and sons, because any trip is a incredibly cool leap of growth and development for the child. Say that a day in a new country even for an adult is six months in the home. So much interesting information in a short period, what emotions are going wild.

With children the same story – leave and gives them no less than us adults. Of course, in this situation, I can’t afford to pack at the last moment, after all the “kids” bags are often more than our adults. And the approach to their collection more than adult. Very very responsible! Fortunately, my travel experience has done its job – I have a clear understanding of what you should bring, ranging from first aid kits, sun creams, children’s cosmetics for the soul. It should be noted that in some countries you need to go with your drinking water (for a small child – so precisely), because the presence of stars in the hotel do not guarantee great service. As far as my personal suitcase, going more by intuition, but always to the point!

Inna Kalinina, PR-Manager of the company WILL

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

My work involves communication with people who live in different cities and sometimes countries. I love to travel, but the suitcase for tourism and holidays are not suitable for business trips. So I have a suitcase for lowcost WizzAir type, especially in size for hand Luggage, where I try maximal to cram everything you need in a couple of days. And often use the duffel bag, which fits a laptop. Ergonomics suitcases is very important because the crossings are tedious. So I choose bags with a dense bottom on 4 wheels that rotate in all directions, or 2 and stand. Pack a suitcase for the weekend take up to half an hour.

My must have: wet wipes. Make-up remover, hygienic and antibacterial. And blackout mask for sleeping, a large scarf that can serve as a blanket or pillow and a mini first aid kit.

I always know that I need a pair of jeans, two sweatshirts, sports t-shirt and something more elegant, such as vest with lace from a friend, designer and blogger, shoes and cosmetics. About cosmetics – it’s a big part of my stuff. Largest and most heavy. I – fan cans! I take a lot of tubes of creams, I can make, lotions, and even shampoos and conditioners. If earlier the users had to carry a full-sized version (which is heavier Luggage), or look for miniatures. Miniature creams brands is often presented with when buying a large volume. Often, of course, is a luxury cosmetics and perfume. The last two years I use the travel sizes bottles, which sell in cosmetics of masses-markets, and airports. There and pour the necessary funds. Although sometimes I forget what’s where. But such formats and the whole case is very convenient and frankly soothe customs officers and border guards during the inspection of Luggage. And of course making a big maiden purse less bulky.

If the Luggage is about things bag, which will be all the time when I (me, actually) filled with chargers (at least two charging sockets, large and mini power bank and adapter). The last time, take with them and accessories for the shooting – mini tripod, light ring, buttonhole and action camera.

Vlada Litovchenko, social activist and Director of the Vyshgorod historical and cultural reserve.

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

Recently I noticed one interesting feature – the better a person works, the more he needs to rest. It’s like “the light at the end of the tunnel”, a breath of fresh air and the excellent recharging endorphins. When you not only have a rest soul and a body, but stuffing yourself during the trip: new information, new people, new tastes and new experiences.

And that’s what I take on trips and like going to is another story. Love order and comfort, so do not hurry, do not hurry, do not be late. If due to time pressure at work, something went wrong and I had to hurry and pack at the last moment – a bit upset. As a vacation I’m starting with fees – I don’t like chaos. And that’s what will fill your suitcase, it depends on many factors, main of which are: the route, the company, the number of vacation days. If the food in places of power in the Kiev region and the Carpathian mountains, take more comfortable shoes. If you are traveling with subsidiaries in Greece, in my suitcase bound to be a few beautiful dresses because “devochkoy” vacation involves going “into the light”, spiritual conversations and outfits. I want to note that there is one thing I take – always and without exception, regardless of the pace of my journey, this Ukrainian embroidery! Wherever I went, the blouse, embroidered with beads and silk threads is a surefire must have.

Julia Bukowska, chief editor of Сlutch, head of the media school Jmedia, author of the blog Simple Look.

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

Yes, in our family bags, I gather: the son of a large suitcase through toys, books, bottles, diapers and first aid kits (which, of course, not useful), and my husband – at the expense of my dresses and shoes. Spouse can do “one” t-shirt, because the man do not have to dress up, if his wife is very beautiful (laughs – approx. ed.). Our first family trip full team took place just over a year ago. The child at that time was 4 months. This is such an interesting age: he still can not really sit, but to lie horizontally in a closed carriage-cradle of the kid just not want to.

Especially when talking about a trip to warmer climes! We had a winter version of the stroller, a summer with vertical position of the back we plan to buy in March, when the baby learns to sit. And then I realized that during travel it would be boring to lie in his crib… we were faced with a dilemma. To be honest, the bag is a La kangaroo sling is also an option, but I decided I didn’t want the whole vacation to carry the baby yourself. Not only because it’s hard for me. No! It seemed to me that he would rather see the world from the open carriages, than from under my shoulder. The option to “buy right now” – was also bad, I didn’t want to clutter up the apartment with unnecessary items. Then it’s the perfect solution — take the stroller to rent. This can be done directly in Egypt (many hotels have this service), but had some difficulty.

We needed a stroller, which completely or almost completely splits back. To know in advance which baby-the cars are in the Egyptian “carriage Park” is almost impossible. The second option is to rent a stroller in Ukraine. We have checked different sites, chose one of the options. Very convenient service, there is a courier who delivers and picks up the stroller, and the cost of renting for a week is 350 UAH. We chose the model with the solid back, which has many degrees of tilt, including fully horizontal; and which is easily formed. This is a very useful feature for travel! We took the stroller with him to the boat, taxi, city bus etc fit. Every time you go on a new journey, it seems to me that this is the most important trip of my life. What happens then? We come back, and I realize that the most important travel adventure is yet to come. Imagine how much remains to be done to the discoveries, and breathtaking!

Laura Filippova, dietitian consultant, the expert of the program “snidanok z 1+1”.

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

I am very easy going! In the journey, together with her husband, can gather virtually in minutes. Friend longer have to ask my family. With children a little longer, as it is already responsible for a few people. And many important things. What do for me in the first place, when are you going to travel? Makeup! She is in the first place! Shower gel, hotel is OK, but face cream, shampoo – only! The Hairdryer! It is generally very important to me. Always take a personal “gadget”. The clothes are simple – you need to take a minimum. And even this minimum is not always time to pull over to rest.

Our family loves to travel in all possible modes of transport! We just basically love to go here, even the route and location is not very important, the main process. The only thing I always clearly thought out, is on the way and where to get drinking water. Travel is an integral part of my family’s life! They give inspiration, unity and a very interesting new experience together! Often 3 day trip worth 3 months of life at home.

Marina Koba, editor, and traveler.

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

To travel I certainly love, but even more like to postpone everything until the last minute – before the evening flight to sit to the bitter at work, and therefore on the move to jump into uber with the words “we Have exactly nine minutes to reach the airport.” While frightened the driver breaks all the possible and impossible rules, I quickly checkings, rejoice in the place near the window, and after checking the contents of the backpack to charge the phone, the passport reached the money in your wallet, everything else is not so important. If you wish, (or despair) even without the latter, you can do so will be even more interesting – I can tell you from personal experience!

Seriously speaking, as a rule, I travel with one backpack. First, it is convenient, secondly, no need to pay for Luggage. There, I manage to cram everything you need, however, sometimes have border control to be held in three new sweaters from H&M, but that’s another story. My personal must-have on short-term trips in Europe is:

  • thermo (to winter Park drinking hot tea in Oslo and a cold beer in the summer in Berlin);
  • a thin book (it saves when the flight delay, my phone died, and in the waiting room, no sockets);
  • poverbank (given how many functions are performed by phone during travel, it is really an essential thing for me so accurately);
  • the benefit of a journalist (in Ukraine this magic card allows you to quietly pass the guards of the President, and in Europe – to get discounts in some museums or galleries);
  • mini-kit (the same as aspirin or noshpu a lot of places do not occupy, but it is always better to be safe).

Without anything else, I think you can safely do during the journey. You should not be anxious if things don’t go according to plan. After all, any journey is first and foremost an adventure, and it’s always fun!

Lera Polish female photographer and Creator of Fearless Women Photo Project.

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

My journey starts with an idea. It may be the desire to cuddle, coati to visit the Cape ROCA, to photograph an amazing woman, or just to be warm. With the aim easier to move in the right direction. To travel is important:

  • to check the status of Bank accounts, and separately to acquire at least the minimum emergency reserve is equal to the sum of the regular ticket home (the situation may be different);
  • to take out insurance. You may want when trick least expect. Removed me from the strangest of situations. Must;
  • to buy a ticket. Without him it is unlikely that it will succeed. Although the journey on foot — a good gamble;
  • the desire is to acquire booking accommodation and travel itinerary. Housing choose a simple, detailed itinerary for me is not mandatory, it is nice to explore new places with a local, and they — not always the route.

Collecting journey takes a little time: I am a lover of minimalism. Essential items: comfortable shoes (2 pairs!), high-quality jacket, a windbreaker, sunglasses, and of course, high-quality backpack. Thin straps will eat your shoulders for the first day. Especially if you carry a camera, like me. On the road you take simple food, sleep mask, ear plugs (essential when you snoring neighbor), basic first aid kit. Always take a good mood! Without it, no journey will not succeed.

Julia Chernitskaya, mother of 4 daughters, the record-holder of Ukraine and the founder of the portal

Как собраться в путешествие и не сойти с ума: лайфхаки успешных женщин

The key to successful charges to travel is a pre-prepared list. You should start with the necessary things and only then proceed to “maybe useful”. Tickets for any mode of transport needs to be printed and to be in the same folder with the documents. E-the system tends not to work, and to avoid the confusion and chaos at the control, it’s better to be reinsured.

On the day of travel once again open the tickets and make sure time of departure. Need to have always the necessary things that can be your assistant in any situation. For example: water, wet wipes, mirror, charged power bank… If you are traveling with children, I recommend “children’s” to do list separate from my parents. Just make sure that you take a sufficient amount of money. If a Bank, check card abroad.

Happy travels!

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