Protein diet: how to lose weight and not to harm health

Белковая диета: как сбросить лишний вес и не навредить здоровью

Protein diet is one of the most active among all the ways to throw off those extra pounds. Such a diet is among the three most effective methods with successful results.

The contents

  • 1 Protein diet: what it is
  • 2 Diet protein diet
  • 3 Protein diet for 10 days
  • 4 sample menu protein diet
  • 5 Protein diet menu for every day
  • 6 Protein and vegetable diet
  • 7 Protein-vitamin diet
  • 8 Protein-low carbohydrate diet

Protein diet: what it is

Diet on the proteins – this is the collective name that unites a large number of different diets. While they all share a common characteristic – the maximum amount of protein and low carbs, fats etc.

What is the essence of this diet? Proteins are perhaps the most important substance for building body. When food is digested, protein transformirovalsya in useful for the body amino acids. In addition, the lack of protein in the body can lead to problems – chronic fatigue, problems with hormones, poor liver function and so on.

It is important to consume plenty of protein products if you’re doing sports, especially during drying. After all, with their help, the body builds a beautiful relief of the body.

Diet protein diet

Right menu protein diet for weight loss should contain all the vitamins that are needed for active lifestyles and well-being. If you want to use protein diet in the diet should be the following products:

  1. Turkey meat, rabbit, chicken;
  2. Low-fat dairy products;
  3. Egg whites;
  4. Fish products;
  5. Tofu and other soy products;
  6. Legumes.

The essence of the protein diet is that protein increases and simultaneously decreases the amount of carbohydrates and fats.

Protein diet for 10 days

This diet allows you to lose weight by protein diet. While it burned fat, not muscle. Naturally, protein diet suggests that you completely give up flour, sugar, and confectionery. Also, the nutritionists don’t recommend eating lots of fruits, especially very sweet. Another concerns the prohibition of alcohol.

Sample menu protein diet

Specially for our readers we have developed a menu for a protein diet. Remember that meat and fish should be prepared only on a few, and the last meal should occur within 4 hours before bedtime. In addition, such a diet assumes that you will drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Protein diet menu for every day

The first day

  1. In the morning you should eat Breakfast two hardboiled eggs, and loaves. But without salt.
  2. For lunch cook yourself 250 grams of fish, and also can eat a few biscuits.
  3. A few hours before dinner, you can eat a little low fat cottage cheese, add the herbs.
  4. For dinner prepare sea lettuce.

Day two

  1. Morning – 130 grams of cottage cheese, you can add greens to taste.
  2. The day should be baked in the oven, two small tomatoes and one eggplant, and cook 150 grams of mushrooms and 100 grams of cauliflower.
  3. Two hours before dinner, you can cook and eat zucchini, topped with cheese and baked in the oven.
  4. In the evening – again sea lettuce.

Белковая диета: как сбросить лишний вес и не навредить здоровью

Protein diet menu for every day

Day three

  1. Morning – chicken fillet (100 grams).
  2. Day – green beans and chicken.
  3. Afternoon snack – salad with yoghurt sauce.
  4. Dinner – cottage cheese mixed with yogurt. Eat two or three loaves.

Day four

  1. Morning – low-fat cottage cheese (160 grams).
  2. Day – 2 eggs and baked zucchini.
  3. Afternoon snack – vegetable salad or a stew.
  4. Evening – roast Turkey (200 grams).

Day five

  1. Morning – 2 hard boiled eggs and bread.
  2. Day – 200 grams of boiled beef.
  3. Afternoon snack – vegetable salad with yogurt sauce.
  4. Evening – baked fish.

Day six

  1. Morning – Cup of yogurt and bread.
  2. The day – chicken and baked cabbage (100 grams).
  3. Snack – 200 grams of lean cottage cheese.
  4. Evening – vegetables, baked in the oven. Without salt.

The seventh day

  1. Morning – 2 eggs and bread.
  2. The day – chicken fillet (100 grams) and beans (200 grams).
  3. Afternoon snack – low-fat yogurt (1 Cup).
  4. Evening – boiled beef (200 grams).

The eighth day

  1. Morning – a glass of yogurt.
  2. The day – chicken (200 grams).
  3. Snack – mashed cabbage and greens.
  4. Night – sea lettuce, as in the beginning of the diet.

The ninth day

  1. Morning – 2 hard boiled eggs and some bread.
  2. Day – boiled Turkey and a Cup of yogurt.
  3. Snack – yogurt low-fat.
  4. Evening – salad vegetables, dressed with yogurt sauce.

Day of the tenth

  1. Morning – 100 grams of chicken fillet.
  2. Day – vegetables in the oven, sprinkled with lemon juice. Also you can add some cheese.
  3. Afternoon snack – 100 grams of cottage cheese, mixed with greens.
  4. Evening – baked fish.

Protein and vegetable diet

On the basis of protein-vegetable diet invented by the famous Kremlin diet. Its essence lies in the fact that from the menu exclude high-calorie foods and carbohydrates. As a result, this leads to a rapid weight loss without substantial reduction of the portions. In addition, a vegetable diet is also used for the purpose of improvement. Sometimes it is even prescribed to pregnant women.

Daily should eat the following products:

  1. Meat (180-200 grams).
  2. Fish (180 grams).
  3. Fruit (500-600 grams).
  4. Vegetables (650 grams).
  5. Nuts (25 grams).
  6. Cheese, yogurt or yogurt (250 grams).

Protein-vitamin diet

Using protein-vitamin diet, you can lose about 5 pounds in ten days.

So, the rules need to be alternated every other day protein and vitamin products. Menu includes the following:

  1. Breakfast – 4 hard boiled eggs 100 grams of cheese.
  2. First snack – chicken (100 grams), one Cup of low-fat yogurt.
  3. Lunch – soup with chicken or meat.
  4. Second snack – 100 grams of skim cottage cheese.
  5. Dinner – 200 grams of salmon or other fish.
  6. The diet can be a bit of change, focusing on the main food list.

Белковая диета: как сбросить лишний вес и не навредить здоровью

Protein-vitamin diet

The second option of this diet is the most popular:

  1. Breakfast – eggs or omelets.
  2. The first snack is a fruit of citrus family.
  3. Lunch – meat on a few (200 grams).
  4. Second snack – an Apple or pear.
  5. Dinner – fish (200 grams).
  6. The third snack is a citrus fruit.

Menu for days with vitamins:

  1. Breakfast – fruit salad.
  2. The first snack is a citrus fruit.
  3. Lunch – salad vegetables.
  4. Second snack — berries.
  5. Dinner – steamed vegetables.

Protein-carbohydrate diet

This diet is also based on the deficiency of carbohydrate food. It was developed by nutritionists to people had the opportunity to alternate and combine proteins and carbohydrates in your diet.

The main advantage of such menu – gradual weight loss, not an abrupt change of power as in other types of protein diets. In this case, you do not need to constantly feel hunger and your body will not have stressout.

Protein-carbohydrate diet: sample menu for days

  1. Breakfast – low fat cottage cheese and tea, but no sugar added.
  2. First snack – 2 eggs or omelette.
  3. Lunch – steamed fish.
  4. Second snack – low fat yogurt.
  5. Dinner – chicken.
  6. Third snack – low-fat yogurt.

Carbohydrate days:

  1. Breakfast – cereal with yogurt or milk.
  2. The first snack is an Apple.
  3. Lunch – rump.
  4. Second snack – 1% yogurt.
  5. Dinner – meat.
  6. The third snack is a Cup of yogurt.

In protein-carbohydrate days:

  1. Breakfast – porridge and yogurt.
  2. The first snack is an Apple.
  3. Lunch – steamed fish.
  4. Second snack – yogurt with honey.
  5. Dinner – meat and lentils.
  6. Third snack – yogurt or fermented baked milk.
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