Notes from Armenia: “people are Too good and too tasty bread”

Записки из Армении: "Слишком хорошие люди и слишком вкусный хлеб"

Our columnist-a traveler angelina Golovach spent two weeks in the capital of Armenia and shared his impressions of the Clutch on the Sunny Yerevan.

After held in Yerevan two weeks, I promised myself that I will be back in two years. Too good time, too promising stories about the benefits of the autumn holiday in Armenia, too open and too delicious bread, not to return.

Записки из Армении: "Слишком хорошие люди и слишком вкусный хлеб"

A couple of hours on the plane and I was greeted by a warm Armenian air. Familiarity with the culture began in a taxi, well they have a very colorful drivers. My 15 minute trip in the taxi driver promises to help in any situation just flew by. About the language barrier no need to worry, 80 percent of the residents understand Russian and speak freely on it. So don’t be afraid to ask the Armenians or to ask for help. They’ll understand and most likely will do what I can.

Записки из Армении: "Слишком хорошие люди и слишком вкусный хлеб"

I could praise the Central square of Yerevan with its special buildings made of pink tuff, but, for me, it is not very unique. Memorable it does that for all its scale, this area some surprisingly comfortable and cozy. In the centre there are many restaurants on the rooftops where you can watch the city (surprisingly quiet even in rush hour), the singing fountains. By the way, the low building in the entire city of Yerevan give the ease, the concrete crushes and always see the sky. The heat save the fountains of water which are on every street. They, by the way, delicious water, one of the cleanest in Europe.

Записки из Армении: "Слишком хорошие люди и слишком вкусный хлеб"

Yerevan is a city where there is always something to do. For those who like to drink – a wide variety of pubs for those who like to hang out – clubs, walking – a huge number of parks, and for food lovers — a Paradise for the gastronomic tour. In addition, the city has many museums, beautiful places for photos, not to mention the picturesque suburbs with their amazing ancient temples.

Записки из Армении: "Слишком хорошие люди и слишком вкусный хлеб"

And yet Armenia is a country of very kind and open people. Yes, there is a contingent of men whistling after a pretty girl, but most of it is very helpful, pleasant and friendly people. I met with two companies, just like that, and it was really cool and easy communication. So even if you go to this country without a company, believe me, if you want it there will find (or she you).

So after a summer of voyages pack your suitcase again and buy a ticket to Armenia, where you will be able to extend your summer and have a great start autumn with pomegranate cous on the lips.

Material prepared by angelina Golovach

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