Minus 25 kg chemical diet

Минус 25 кг на химической диете

Diet rebuilds the chemical reaction in the body, causing them to lose weight on simple products. All you need is eggs and citrus.

The contents

  • 1 How to create a chemical diet
  • 2 the Pros and cons of the diet
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 Menu chemical diet and the principle of its operation
  • 5 diet Rules
  • 6 Chemical diet for 2 weeks
  • 7 Chemical diet for 4 weeks menu
  • 8 How to get out of diet

For any weight loss usually used diet foods and meals with minimal calories. So the body will use up its energy reserves and fat, however, such a diet becomes a stress to the body. As a result, there are various problems, diseases, failures and frustrations. But in the chemical diet, everything is completely different. Negative consequences almost there, being on a diet easy, as it is also lost from 15 to 25 kg.

How to create a chemical diet

Chemical diet invented by Dr. Osama Hamdy, he’s from America, and for a time tried to treat obese diabetics. His way of eating had to reprogram one’s metabolism, to rid it of extra pounds, but at the same time without feeling hunger. After some investigation, he saw that they were more than successful. People weighing 150 kg, lost 1/3 of its weight.

Now Osama is considered one of the most important doctors and has its own program of struggle against excess weight. His diet also has other names, for example, egg-chemical, as the basis of the diet is protein chicken eggs.

The pros and cons of the diet

Advantages of this way to lose weight a lot, of good reviews from dieters more. Here are some pros:

  1. The results show to be very effective.
  2. Diet there is no age limit.
  3. As the body gets used to this diet and it is not too complicated, the results are stored for quite a long time.
  4. This diet is high in fiber, which means diet will lead not only to losing weight but cleanse the stomach and intestines from toxins and blood vessels from plaques.
  5. The menu includes all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities to maintain the health of the body, so additional vitamins do not need to drink.
  6. The diet is simple, cheap and available.
  7. Cooking does not take much time and does not require special culinary skills.
  8. Hunger almost there, because eggs are very satisfying.

However, like all diets, this diet also has its disappointments and drawbacks:

  1. Breakfast is too identical and boring.
  2. Rules must be strictly observed, that require a high level of self-discipline.
  3. Since protein in the diet very much, compared to other substances, this diet is not all you can use, it is contraindicated in certain diseases.
  4. As the diet no sugar, no fat, that may be a shortage of triglycerides and reduced amounts of carbohydrates. Because of this, often occur dizziness.


Among those contraindications, which we talked about earlier, it may be the disease, the presence of which you don’t even know. Therefore, before the completion of any diet, and this, too, is important to check with doctor if it is okay to use it. Special attention should be paid to liver and kidneys. If you’re allergic to citrus, or egg whites, it is natural that this diet is not for you.

It is contraindicated in:

  1. High cholesterol and atherosclerosis.
  2. In diseases of the stomach and intestines (ulcers, gastritis, flatulence, etc.).
  3. In various diseases of the endocrine system.
  4. Any serious problems with metabolism.
  5. With second and third degree hypertension.

Menu chemical diet and the principle of its operation

That diet is called a chemical doesn’t mean that you have to take any unnatural medication. It is based on chemical reactions that can be improved. These chemical reactions, if correct nutrition, will help to leave intact the muscle and fat on the contrary to burn. Very often it happens the opposite, the person loses muscle mass, but fat does not become smaller. Result chemical diet to achieve the increase in the number of proteins in the diet.

Results in minus 20 kg achieved by the main ingredient conventional chicken eggs. One egg has only 60 calories, but it supplies the body with 15% of the total need of protein. And the fats and the carbohydrates in it are practically absent. If you look at many diets for Breakfast are allowed to eat eggs, but only boiled. And all because they also contain important vitamins and minerals: Biotin, choline, phosphorus, zinc, retinol, cobalt, sodium and calcium, tocopherol, potassium, iron, calciferol. They are all very important to proper metabolism. Furthermore, eggs are very easily digested and do not leave their decay products in the organs, and proteins rather create important ketones that make you feel full. The emaciated, many do not feel hungry during the diet, the weight loss was very easy.

A second important component of the diet is a citrus fruit. Usually oranges or grapefruits. The combination of these two ingredients allows you to speed up energy metabolism and faster to lose weight.

Минус 25 кг на химической диете

Menu chemical diet and the principle of its operation

What you can and can’t eat

The two main contains, of course eggs and citrus. But in addition to them also included in the diet of any lean meat and fish as well as fruits and vegetables, if they are not banned products.

During the diet forbidden:

  1. Potatoes and other starchy vegetables.
  2. Bananas.
  3. Figs.
  4. Grapes and raisins.
  5. Animal and vegetable fat.
  6. Dairy (although cheese and cottage cheese can be eaten).
  7. Sugar.
  8. Products regular (not whole) flour.
  9. Alcohol.
  10. Salt, incidentally, is also necessary to use only in the most minimal doses.

Some tips

  1. This diet is considered strict, so to respect her need exactly menu to achieve a result.
  2. Weight loss contributes to the restructuring of metabolism, but until it is built, there are moments when the weight stops abruptly lost. It will pass.
  3. Food should be fully digested, and the energy needs to go to work and not to sleep so do not eat at night, only a couple of hours before bedtime.
  4. If failed, the course is not ongoing. This is not a joke. You have to start from the beginning. Why failures should be ruled out completely.

Diet rules

When you diet, especially if you keep it one week and several weeks is extremely important to eat the right foods, but also to cook them properly. Therefore, to avoid confusion, here are some rules:

  1. Eggs can be eaten only boiled, no fried eggs!
  2. All food cannot be fried, only steaming, stewing or baking.
  3. To replace one product with another is also impossible, but you throw it away from the menu.
  4. To drink at least half a liter of water, you can still drink coffee and tea, different herbal teas and compotes.

It is important to observe a clear power mode:

  1. Breakfast immediately after waking.
  2. Lunch – 13:00-14:00.
  3. Dinner – 18:00-20:00.

Any snack is only possible after the expiration of 2 hours after eating, and this can only be a cucumber or carrot. Not chips, sandwiches and candy.

Chemical diet for 2 weeks

In two weeks you can lose up to 12 kg. If passed only one week – it will be up to 7 kg. the Menu planned for a week but then repeated. If you choose number 1 tonight, it should apply to Breakfast and lunch, and dinner. But the days when you wish you can change places. Breakfast always consists of one or two eggs and any citrus, which is pleasant, so we paint only lunch and dinner.

What can I eat for lunch:

1. Any fruit that is not forbidden. You can eat as much as necessary.
2. Approximately 200 grams of chicken breast, you can boil or bake.
3. Bread with bran, cottage cheese and a few tomatoes.
4. Allowed fruits to saturation.
5. Scrambled eggs, steamed and served with stewed or steamed zucchini.
6. Again, any fruit and as much as you want.
7. Tomatoes, a few slices of cooked fish, and 2 orange.

Минус 25 кг на химической диете

Chemical diet for 2 weeks

For dinner fit:

1. Approximately 200 grams of grilled meat or boiled.
2. Salad two eggs, mixed salad leaves of different kinds, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Fill only with lemon juice.
3. Chicken fillet steamed or steam cutlets from the same fillet.
4. Meat with vegetable salad.
5. The steamed fish, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and for dessert – a grapefruit.
6. Meat baked in the oven, or just protogenoi, with vegetable salad.
7. Steamed vegetables. This can be a stew or a salad like the salad.

Chemical diet for 4 weeks menu

Two ingredients (eggs and citrus fruits) you can eat in any quantity. But eggs enough one or two a day. Here write for weeks because the products are partially different. In four weeks you can lose up to 25 lbs. Like last time, same breakfasts, and dinners scheduled by 7 days.

Week 1

Breakfast throughout the week – half of an orange and two eggs (orange can be alternated with other citrus fruits).

For lunch this week:

  • Allowed fruit.
  • Breast fillets of chicken grilled with tomatoes and oranges.
  • Whole wheat bread with cheese and tomatoes.
  • Again, any fruit in any quantity.
  • Steam or stew vegetables and two eggs.
  • Again fruit.
  • Chicken fillet baked in the oven, fresh tomatoes and citrus fruit.

For dinner we have:

  • Lean meat cooked on the grill.
  • Eggs with citrus and branny bread.
  • Salad of lettuce leaves with the meat.
  • Fish with leafy lettuce and citrus.
  • The meat is steamed.
  • Braised vegetables.

Week 2

Breakfast the same as last week, citrus and egg.

Lunch consists of:

  • Meat with cucumbers.
  • Baked fish with salad.
  • Baked meat with salad from fresh vegetables.
  • Eggs with hard cheese and steamed vegetables.
  • The grilled fish.
  • Tomatoes, oranges and boiled meat.
  • Chicken fillet in the oven with tomatoes and grapefruit.

Dinner will be:

  • A couple of eggs with oranges and leaf lettuce.
  • To repeat the first day.
  • To repeat the first day.
  • Scrambled eggs steamed with vegetable salad.
  • Repeat fourth day.
  • Repeat fourth day.

Week 3

In the third week a little more freedom in the selection menu. Here is just a list of foods that you can eat whenever you want, but is all you need. That is, if you decided to arrange a holiday and you have a fish-meat day, then the next two will need to eat fruits or vegetables.

Among these products:

  • Fruit, fruit salads, which is.
  • Vegetable salads and stews, but without oil and fat.
  • Some fruits or vegetables.
  • Boiled fish or grilled fish, salad (vegetable, not the dish) or regular cabbage.
  • Lean meat, chicken fillet or Turkey fillet.
  • Any kind of fruit.
  • Again any form of fruit can another.

Минус 25 кг на химической диете

Chemical diet for 4 weeks menu

Week 4

Fourth week is also pleasing freedom. You can distribute products throughout the day as they want, but the number must be observed:

  • Poultry fillets 400 grams, fish boiled 200 grams, tomato 3 pieces, 4 pieces cucumber, orange, bread 1 slice.
  • Repeat the first day, replacing the bird fillet over the cooked meat.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese 100 grams, a couple of grapefruits, vegetable stew 200 grams, tomato 2 pieces. Are allowed to eat a little grain toast.
  • Chicken 350 grams, salad with two tomatoes and one cucumber, a slice of bread and a Mandarin.
  • Omelette for a couple, 3 tomatoes, 100 grams of cabbage or Chinese cabbage, citrus fruit.
  • Boiled fish, 200 grams, 100 grams of cottage cheese, cucumber and tomato.
  • Chicken fillet about 200 grams curd 100 grams, salad 200 grams, 2 citrus.

How to get out of diet

For starters, compare your current photos with those that were before the diet. Do you like it? Then we leave the diet. If not, you can add another week, repeating the last.

Turning to the old diet, try not to eat fatty and starchy foods, reduce the temperature to the sweet. Try to do a bit of, for example, gymnastics or swimming. Worth more walk in the fresh air. Now your body is trained and knows how to properly use energy. And your stomach will no longer ask more and more food.

But remember, any transition to a different food should be gradual. It is impossible to break the chain and eat everything that was forbidden.

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