Men who don’t want their wives

Important message!

Чоловікам, які не хочуть своїх дружин

Here you guys whine: wife you do not, do not excite. Sleep in faded t-shirts, boring. Or not even faded, but still boring.

And you and are glad: now you have full as you think, right to want other women shamelessly. It’s wife’s fault! That they do not excite!

All right, boys, all that. But there is a caveat.

To get a woman aroused, she needs to want to initiate. Are you the one for their women sexual inspiration? All they are doing? Sure?

How many hours are you willing to Tinker with new electronic toy? How much time are you willing to spend on studying on your smartphone device? Your precious time, which will belong exclusively to him and only him? The time when anything else you will not be distracted of anything else, will not think?

I’m sure a lot.

You take two hours for a new gadget. And the wife?

When you recently devoted two hours to his wife, completely and whole-heartedly doing it, not simply including it in its programme.

No, not together went to a restaurant or on a trip took a trip and shared the experience. I — not about that.

When was the last time the wife was your impression? When is the last time, stared into her eyes and studied her body? Never.

In all the years of your love you spent 15 minutes looking at the eyes of his wife. Smartphone looked at, and the eyes of his wife — no.

Have you ever surprised his wife in bed and wondered at all?

Wife, sexually needy, regret: fake any orgasms, not to hurt your self-esteem.

What do you give the wives in return? What you inspire, in addition to claims?

You know what, guys? Someday your “unloved” wife will inspire another man to take her hand and look her in the eyes, and let the false hanging noodles on her eager caresses the ear.

And that’s when she’ll lose weight and wear silk underwear. Only shooting them will not you. Well, not just you.

And I very much hope that it will be so, because a woman cannot be ignored and to push for a second and then the thirty-second a plan for your life. A woman should be treated kindly. Don’t do you? Will do someone else, and you feel unjustly offended and saw in the corner of the horn.

But life is fair, and your horn is something you unresponsive, long and persistently went.

Guys, let’s be honest: when was the last time your woman was in the focus of your attention? What you are at this moment did?

Girls, and you feel that your men are willing to drain my energy anywhere but on you? What pushes you?

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