Media: Grigory Leps was hospitalized with broken ribs

СМИ: Григорий Лепс госпитализирован с переломанными ребрами

The famous Russian singer Grigory Leps seriously injured and was taken to the hospital with broken ribs.

On Friday, may 18, popular musician, fell and broke her rib, which was urgently hospitalized. Information about this incident appeared in the Telegram-channel 112.

“Singer Grigory Leps was in the hospital. Fell, broke some ribs. Here you have a “glass of vodka on the table”, – stated in the message.

The artist himself has not commented on the incident. However, his Manager Natalia Mostakova has confirmed the Russian channel 360 and added that Leps will soon be home. His condition improved and was not serious.

СМИ: Григорий Лепс госпитализирован с переломанными ребрами

Grigory Leps

“With Grigory Viktorovich all right. He is on the examination at the Botkin hospital. He’d be home soon,” said the woman, but did not specify what exactly happened.

Earlier, Grigory Leps, was denied entry into Israel where he was held two concerts: may 24 in tel Aviv, may 26 – in Haifa. I got the visa, all members of the creative team, in addition to the artist. It is still unknown what was the reason of such decision of the local authorities.

See the video of Grigory Leps and Timati rapper for the song London:

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