May 18 – Day of the Pink Panther

The motto of the Day – “Think pink!”, literally “Think pink!”.

18 травня - День Рожевої Пантери

18 may 2015 the inhabitants of the planet for the first time noted the unusual date – the Day of the Pink Panther (Pink Panther Day) – a new holiday, established in the Kingdom of Love (a community of friends, whose members are musicians, chefs and other passionate creative nature), reports Rus.Media.

Recall that the Pink Panther is a famous character art and animated films beloved by children and adults. The founders of the festival, noted that it is the ability of the character to unconventional thinking and the practical implementation of their ideas (specifically repainting the world in pink), his humor and positive attitude were the main reasons for the establishment of this new date.

The main symbol of the holiday was a Pink Diamond, and his “spiritual Foundation” proclaimed thinking and changing the world. After all, to change the world for the better, we can only change yourself and your thinking. And the world is not only people, but nature, and society as a whole, and each participant of the festival, in a broad sense capable of creation and creativity, is here such a unique Pink Diamond that can change the world for the better.

By the way, in the Days of the Pink Panther and the motto is – “Think pink!” (which translated, literally, “Think pink!”), in the context of the festival is – “Think creatively!”. It is therefore not surprising that the idea of a new date embraced artists, musicians, jewelers, bakers, people of creative professions from different countries of the world.

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