Masha Efrosinina: how to get out of conflict with a man

Маша Ефросинина: как выйти из конфликта с мужчиной

Ukrainian TV presenter spoke about how to get out of the conflict with man.

1. Try to Express the essence of their grievances

Yes, it’s tough when you hurt a man — you can’t say you have a lump in the throat, wool on the inside. But there is one problem — the man can really not understand why you are offended, ie I do not understand, not even guess! So you need all the lumps and resentment to get, say why you are offended.

2. If you are right, learn to make peace first

Of course, we are always right at 150 %. But in that moment, when there is a conflict, a quarrel, a woman can severely hurt a man — somewhere something to say, somewhere behind the curve. When a woman realizes that she gave in the bar — that is, hurt him… When she received the internal signal — you need to step up and start to put up. It is difficult, but necessary.

Маша Ефросинина: как выйти из конфликта с мужчиной

3. Don’t take offense on the night

When you are quarreling with a man, and it’s time to sleep, the biggest thing you can do is to go to bed angry at each other without even talking. This ensures Bessenay night, in the morning the conflict will be even worse. you prolong the hurt for another day or more. It is difficult, but important(!) agree that after a strong quarrel you are clearing all in the same day before a night’s sleep.

4. Don’t manipulate children

This is the toughest mistake with a pair. You it does not reconcile, the relationship will not improve, furthermore you will cause severe trauma to children. Such manipulation must be eradicated, they will only make worse the atmosphere in the family.

Маша Ефросинина: как выйти из конфликта с мужчиной

5. Don’t throw him out of the house

And don’t go themselves. Men do not like hysterics, and when you start to demonstratively leave he you most likely will not stop (especially if it is not the first time). They are afraid of tears, screaming and yelling. Conflicts should be solved peacefully.


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