Mantra: poems that instantly heal the soul

Мантра: стихи, которые мгновенно исцеляют душу

Any resentment, anger, and caused us pain affects General health. Sometimes the body and soul simply require cleansing. Read these healing line if you want to find peace and serenity. Said and believe in a positive result for sure!

What I am talking about myself
Executed immediately, instantly, everywhere!
In the body, much like
Which I’ll have to be healthy.
And every word and every thought
Reach the Lord, moving up,
And the Lord will hear all these words,
And give me health for ever, too!

First, I want to forgive all people
And do it as soon as possible.
Forgive parents, mother and father
We should not keep them evil until the end
The love and gratitude they send from the heart
Resentment from the cradle forever gone!
Forgive neighbors, acquaintances, friends
Forgive the officials of various stripes,
I send them love and forgiveness
May be it happiness, life, luck!

And let all whom I offended when,
Forget your grudges forever
Please forgive me for God’s sake!
And let each go their own way.

Now, I open my heart,
Let love fill it to the brim
Love for the Planet and everything on it
Love to my parched Soul!
Let a bright sense of will join a river
Let my heart finds rest
Runs strong, confident, powerful!
Without any failures, and day and night.

I Love this draw palm
And every on give a little
Ladies then again, each time more
Let there lapping this feeling a little longer!
But better leave it forever
Let them be filled with them to all places
All the veins, all the nerves, all the veins of my
Let it be filled with lots of Love!

And with me God had supplied the vessel
Health and Youth can find here
Take, do not hesitate, because gave me
And I’m grateful for that fate!
I this cocktail is collected in the beam
And stream pour it into the spring
He opened still on top of my
Let shed health there fun!
And that’s really filled with body in full
And goes to the body wave
From toe to nose, back and forth
And I feel good for the body nice!

And then in the palm give rise to a tangle
A fiery energy dense skein
It is very hot, it is blazing fire,
It lights up at night, it glows during the day.
Palms up, I pick it up
And in your spring gently let
A ball like a tennis ball only
But it is not easy, it is necessary in order
So in my body it disease found,
The wound and the body gone.
And here I am on the body to chase the ball
Up and down, left and right, and right and sideways
And he like a top, twists, turns an
All glowing with power, be mighty!

And where there is a sore, a disease which stuck
He immediately is taken for the cause.
Spool thread of her
As the yarn resposive and pulling.
Finished with this sore case
Tangle again in the search moves through the body.
Well, all of the disease by the body assembled,
And see – specifically the ball of my tired!
I sent him into the bowels of the earth
With the speed of thought flying through the thickness
And disease it melts in magma mercilessly
And he disappeared, okay!

And everything I said, immediately executed
Health, Love the whole body’s!
All the body is healthy, I’m young (young)
I am very happy today myself!
(I’m very proud of him today).

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