Loud invention Aug 2017: electronic nose

Громкое изобретение августа 2017: электронный нос

The sense of smell is one of the strongest ways of perceiving life. Best memory stick is the smell. You had not seen for several years, but from the plume of familiar spirits in the street suddenly faster beating heart. Yes, the scents are on the shelves of memories even if you didn’t look very long.

And smells great for identification. This is one of the reasons why the Russian scientists took up the creation of new neural networks that can recognize, read and memorize smells. All of these features fit in one small device.

The main vocation of the invention is the recognition of odors is toxic, flammable and volatile gases for a person. This discovery useful to science in General, for example, to classify a new fragrance, finding differences between similar substances. “Nose” will help to achieve maximum accuracy in determining the composition of the gas, impurities in them, of their danger.

And e can be used to detect explosive devices at airports.

Громкое изобретение августа 2017: электронный нос

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