Live about in principle, hughe: how to choose candles for your home

Жить про при принципу хюгге: как выбрать свечи для дома

Candle is not just a decorative element, and the real secret of creating a home! How to choose the best option, learn from our material.

“Hygge” comes from the Norwegian word meaning prosperity and well-being. The theory of Hygge is a combination of coziness, comfort and well-being that celebrates simple pleasures.

The main components of hygge is simplicity and modesty. Decorating the house with cute details, such as: candles, cushions, blankets, paintings on the walls, shelves with your favorite books, ceramic dishes, we create our own comfort.

Жить про при принципу хюгге: как выбрать свечи для дома

Candle is one of the small but important details, which creates an atmosphere of kindness, safety and comfort at home. Candles the Danes everywhere and the more of them the better. If you believe the statistics, only four percent of Danes deny yourself the pleasure to light a candle! Others do it with great pleasure, almost every day.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the candles for the home:

  • Determine what atmosphere you want to create.
  • Choose scented candles! Flavor with lemon balm or lavender – relaxes and reduces stress. Notes of mint, lemon, Basil, rosemary and sage – invigorate. The smell of wormwood and lemon – the most focus. If you want to create a romantic mood, make a bet on the vanilla flavor.
  • Don’t stop on one option, don’t be afraid to experiment! Try to burn candles with different fragrances at the same time or blend scented candles with the usual.
  • Consider your space. The larger the room, the more need of candles. The best option is to light 2-3 candles in different areas of the room. So the fragrance will evenly fill the space.

Жить про при принципу хюгге: как выбрать свечи для дома

  • Read carefully the content. Choose candles made from soy wax or wax of vegetable origin. They are clean and well-lit.
  • Don’t forget to keep track of time. The candle gives the aroma after 30 minutes of burning. So leave candles 2-2,5 hours is enough.
  • Take care of the candle. So she smoked regularly for a bit cut the wick.
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