LGBT love and kisses: Iryna Bilyk has released a new clip

ЛГБТ любовь и поцелуи: Ирина Билык выпустила новый клип

Popular Ukrainian singer Iryna Bilyk presented a new video in support of the LGBT community.

Thursday, may 17, on the official channel of the artist in the YouTube video was posted on a Ukrainian song Not howi eyes.

In the video Irina Bilyk has starred in a new way: with hair the color of fire.

It was directed by Yuri Dijon, who has previously created music videos for the songs the Magicians and Not feed. The latest work reveals the story of ten heroes who “do not hide your eyes” and speak openly about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

ЛГБТ любовь и поцелуи: Ирина Билык выпустила новый клип

Iryna Bilyk in the clip is Not howi eyes

“I’m glad that through this song we were able to raise this important issue. In the view of many people, the subject of same-sex love and gender identity is associated with more lyrical songs, ballads. In my understanding, no drama in this. More than half of the countries in the world recognize same-sex relationships and the rights of transgender people in law. I hope that this project will become the Foundation for increasing the level of tolerance in our society, and LGBT people will “not hide your eyes” and be yourself!” – commented Irina Bilyk.

Users on the Network and admire the idea and concept of the video, and the most beautiful actress.

“It’s great that Irina is not afraid to raise such issues, when, as never before, this topic has become quite acute in the Ukrainian society”, “so Many beautiful people in the video! And the idea chicamocha just! Dijon a good sport! And I’m crazy about red Bilyk!”, “Nice track!!! The clip went very straight… Thanks for not afraid, Ira!” – write fans.

We will remind, earlier Bilyk showed his fans a family idyll in the video.

See the video for Iryna Bilyk Not howi eyes:

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