Leaving go: poems about parting

Уходя - уходи: стихи о расставании

When it’s all over, the pain of parting is proportional to the beauty of weathered лю6ви. To withstand this pain difficult. To decide on a Frank conversation and to dot the “i” is also not easy, but often necessary!

Far from my age,

to stand across the doors.

Leaving — leave without cheers.

Leaving go brave…

Leaving — leave boldly:

not cover, and shut the door so

so I became a monk

in anticipation of the old days!

So that my ears remember

warped hinges creak!

Leaving go for sure,

so I came into a dead end!.

Do me right…

You tell me clearly…

before the stairs down

about leaving your legibly

clear handwriting and sign it.


Author: Jeanne Arman

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