Lars von Trier was glad that part of the audience left the premiere of his movie

The controversial film about Jack the Ripper received 14 nominations for “the Gold Palm branch” – the main award of the Cannes film festival.

Ларс фон Трієр зрадів, що частина глядачів пішла з прем&#039єри його фільму

Danish Director Lars von Trier is happy with the audience’s reaction to his new film “the House that Jack built” about a serial killer. During the premiere of the tape in Cannes more than 100 spectators left the room with indignant cries. They were shocked by scenes of violence, reports Rus.Media.

– This made me very relaxed. It is very important not to try to please everyone because then you failed. Although I’m not sure that they quite hate my film. If it becomes very popular, I have a problem. How the audience perceived the film indicates that I did the right thing. In any case, I was pleased to work on this painting. I don’t know much about serial killers, but I know a little about psychopaths. And I never kill anyone… If I do, it will probably be the reporter. the Director said in an interview

The controversial film “the House that Jack built” has received 14 nominations for ” Golden Palm branch and a further six different prizes at the Cannes film festival.

The film’s plot describes five incidents in the past 12 years. The main character – Jack the Ripper – tells the audience about his motive for the killings. He considers himself a great painter who paints not with a brush on canvas, a knife on the body. The film stars Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Shiwan Fallon, Riley Kio, Sophie Grobel, Bruno Ganz.

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