iPhone 8 and iPhone X: price, characteristics, date of sale overview Apple products

iPhone 8 и iPhone Х: цена, характеристика, дата продаж в обзоре продукции Apple

The official price and date of sales of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple TV 4K, and Apple Watch Series 3 complete review of the new gadgets from Apple.

Breathless an enormous number of people watched the world presentation of the new products of Apple. Giant Apple once again surprised with new features and improvements all the usual features that were completed past the line.

The presentation was presented: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the anniversary edition of the premium phone X iPhone, and a new generation Apple Tv to 4K and “smart” watches Apple Watch S3.

So, let’s consider in more detail the characteristics of the product, date of sale and the prices for equipment:

  • According to preliminary information, the price of the iPhone X (X is pronounced 10, not “ex” — approx. red) is 999 dollars, depending on the amount of memory, so at the current moment, the smartphone is the most expensive of all new iPhone models. He will officially go on sale on 3 November, but from the end of September, you can pre-order.
  • Phone a new screen, known as OLED. This type of display, which is more thinner, lighter and brighter, with better fidelity and contrast of colors than its predecessor.
  • The screen on the X has the edge display, which treats the entire face, eliminating the border around the screen. The developers have eliminated the “Home” button, which was a feature of the iPhone during the decade. A brand new feature the iPhone X which never existed on any iPhone, infrared scanning entity. Technology called Face ID, uses an infrared camera on the front of the phone to determine the shape of the human head, to unlock the phone for use. The imaging system determines whether or not you are the owner of the smartphone before it to unlock it. Face ID — this is a direct response to the face detection in smartphones offered by Samsung, the most violent rival of Apple. Experts criticized the face detection function Samsung, which could be fooled, holding a photo of the smartphone owner in front of the camera.
  • iPhone 8, and its larger brother the iPhone 8 Plus have a glass body and a faster chip, wireless charging.
  • Phones have six-core processor that will handle more complex tasks, 3D games have become faster and more efficient than the previous iPhone. Phones usually look just like their predecessors, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, except for the glass enclosure with aluminium alloy.
  • Apple has improved the camera phones with new sensors. New motion sensors for better support applications designed for augmented reality.
  • The new line of iPhone 8 will be one of the most important for Apple. Wall Street analysts estimate that more than half of the iPhone buyers will buy 8 and 8 Plus in the next year. Models have a slightly higher starting price than their predecessors: the price of iPhone 8 starts from 699 dollars, depending on memory size.

iPhone 8 и iPhone Х: цена, характеристика, дата продаж в обзоре продукции Apple

  • Apple TV is a 4K set-top box, which has never been a bestseller. Now the device will be able to pass 4K resolution, which refers to the screens with high definition resolution.
  • An additional surprise for fans of Apple products Apple introduced the Apple watch Series 3. The gadget has cellular capabilities and contains more than a unique new filling system Watch. Watch look the same as the old version, but the new model performs more functions: it will come with a chip for cellular communications, which means that it can access the Internet, even if it is not connected to the phone. Among other possibilities, a cellular version can make calls, send texts and play music when you’re in the way.
  • The new version has the starting price from 399 USD, the version with Wi-Fi from 329 U.S. dollars. They can be ordered from 22 Sep.

iPhone 8 и iPhone Х: цена, характеристика, дата продаж в обзоре продукции Apple

iPhone 8 и iPhone Х: цена, характеристика, дата продаж в обзоре продукции Apple

With the iPhone for 999 USD Apple switched to the new price level premium. iPhone X will cost $ 300 more than the iPhone’s 8 and $ 200 more than the iPhone 8 Plus. The company recognizes the high price of the product, but the representatives justified it, as this determines the high level of the gadget.

“It’s a new era for smartphones as the original iPhone made 10 years ago. The device “will set the way for the next decade.” – said Timothy D. cook, CEO of Apple.

This is due to the fact that Apple probably relies on some of the most notable features iPhone X, including infrared face recognition, wireless charging and a sophisticated camera effects.

As previously reported by the media that the first batch of the new models will be in limited quantities, free sales of the smartphone will begin in November 2017. How was the presentation, for more information you can find here.

Apple removed at the Kiev station in Moscow metro trailer electronic presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 3

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