In Syria began to recover liberated the city from insurgents

A few days ago, the city was liberated from the militants of illegal armed groups. Now in tel-Bisu returned to local residents.

У Сирії почали відновлювати звільнений від бойовиків місто

In tel-Bissau in the province of HOMS in Syria started reconstruction works. This was told by a local resident alle Taraf, reports Rus.Media.

Heavy machinery clears the debris and road professionals to restore utilities. On the streets patrols are on duty military police of the Russian Federation.

“Thank God that now in our city safely. But of course, it would be difficult at first. You see, here everything is destroyed, nothing. First of all, not enough bread, no money to buy it. We hope for assistance of the Russian Federation, are well aware that in other localities your military brought food,” said Taraf.

Freed from militants in HOMS province came under the control of the Syrian government.

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