Important family rituals on Maundy Thursday

Важные семейные ритуалы на чистый четверг

Three days before the Resurrection of Christ, believers remember the last supper and the betrayal of Judas. It is a day when Christ performed the ceremony of washing the feet of his disciples and established the sacrament of communion.

Maundy Thursday for any Christian is the symbol of complete spiritual and physical cleansing. At the dawn of Maundy Thursday need to bathe in running water (lake or river) or to go to the bath. It is believed that water on this day have powerful magical properties, helps to strengthen the spirit and purify the soul, and the hot steam promotes healing of the body. Also on this day, to visit the temple to take communion and confess their sins.

Of course, Maundy Thursday — the day house cleaning and Laundry. Neither Good Friday nor on Saturday in any economic matters will have to be done, otherwise the “dust and dirt can get into the eyes of Jesus.”

In addition to cleaning, it is necessary to take care of the Easter table: bake cakes, make cheese Easter, painted eggs.
Maundy Thursday is the best day to the first time to cut hair to a child who has reached the age of one year. Bobbed hair is not thrown away, but stored in a special linen pouch. It is believed that this is a strong amulet, which protects the baby from diseases and troubles.

Also on this day is to trim the ends of your hair and then the curls will become even more beautiful and more magnificent.

I wonder what the Net Thursday linked and many of the popular conspiracies. Women who have never got to arrange a personal life, the elderly suggest the night on Maundy Thursday to go on his waist in the river and ask the Higher Power to remove them from the crown of celibacy.

Or it is possible to tell fortunes on the marriage. For this you need to put in a pot of Apple seed, saying: “Seed, seed, land run! In my house the suitors Zamani soon. Amen! Amen! Amen!”. The faster the sprouts will appear, the faster a girl will wear a wedding ring .

In the Carpathians, Maundy Thursday also called “alive” and therefore the Hutsuls in this case fueled the fire and kept it until until the expelled animals on pasture. They fumigated livestock from evil spirits.

The house was always prosperity, this day three times need to count all the savings. First time in the morning, the second time in the afternoon, and the third at sunset.

The material is prepared by Olesya Soldatenko

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