How to lose 5 kg in a week? Choose the best fast diet!

Как сбросить 5 кг за неделю? Выбери лучшую быструю диету!

Around the world many women are in search of the fastest and easiest diet. The main thing in losing weight for any of them – efficiency.

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  • 1 Fast diet for any occasion
  • 2 What diet is the most effective and quickest?
  • 3 Best options Express diets
  • 4 Diet to lose weight quickly, but eating right is better
  • 5 Fiber – the best friend for weight loss

Fast diet for any occasion

This article will be useful for those seeking to lose weight quickly. Often after the holidays, most women are concerned with the question: what is the easiest diet for quick weight loss? Because gain extra pounds easily and discharged with great difficulty. Some girls are looking for a healthy weight loss diet with the intention to transform before the arrival of spring, beach season, or any event: wedding, anniversary, etc. How to quickly and easily get in shape?

After the holidays I definitely need to do fasting days. Yes, and quickly you can lose weight to become slim in just a week is realistic. Of course, if you need to lose 5 extra pounds. For more weight you need to change the style of life, lead an active lifestyle and follow the rules of healthy eating. Adhering to the fast diet after a few days you can feel the lightness.

Just one week of patience and extra pounds that are so tortured, whatever happened! For the experiment on yourself enough seven days. Just need to decide which diet for quick weight loss specifically suited to everyone. Perhaps someone will be easier to sit on the yogurt.

The other person will give preference to poultry, the third – the buckwheat, the fourth — pumpkin, etc.
It seemed only one week – period is not so large. However, from a psychological point of view, the diet for quick weight loss is not easy.

However, some people effective weight loss for six months or something to limit to lose weight without moral damages. Those, who important fast noticeable results may take note of the recipes are quick diets and after a week to show off her new achievements.

Quick diet for weight loss suitable for those who wish to achieve rapid weight loss. Of course, the menu in this case will not be rich and varied. But to wait for five pounds in just a week.

What diet is the most effective and quickest?

What kind of diet can be considered the most effective for yourself? How to know what kind of diet to lose weight quickly? Because the Internet is full of various fast diets. But which one to stay? And what are the rules when it is selected, you need to follow?

First of all the fastest diet for weight loss should be like and come to taste. If you pay attention to the name quick diets, you will notice that the product that they use, the same. That is why they are often called mono-diet. To those who decided to lose weight, this food product should be like.

Как сбросить 5 кг за неделю? Выбери лучшую быструю диету!

What diet is the most effective and quickest?

Extreme is the weight loss that you want a whole week drinking only fresh juices from carrots and apples. They are allowed to eat six times a day. In addition to juices, be sure to drink plain water (1.5-2 litres average). This fast diet will get rid of 5 to 7 pounds a week.

Adhering to the above diet, it is important not to overdo it. It is better to avoid exercise and any activity. Better to swim or get a massage. Be aware that this fast and effective diet is contraindicated in chronic intestinal diseases.

For quick weight loss you can also choose the following foods: chicken, rabbit or beef, low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. Vegetables best suited cucumbers or cabbage. So, there are also many other mono that allows you to lose weight quickly and effectively. What is the easiest diet you to know right now.

Best options Express diets

The insidious feeling of hunger will naturally follow. And we need to distract ourselves, to these seven days were not so painful. However joyful the thought of losing five hateful pounds should be happy. You can take note of a few effective diets for rapid weight loss. And choose among the rapid methods most suitable option.

The variety of fast diets difficult to choose. However, before you choose the most appropriate diet, you should consult a doctor. Because of the possible contraindications for health reasons. To come out of any diet you need to smoothly. So the weight has not returned, it is important to control your weight. Otherwise, your efforts will be unsuccessful.

After the diet should not lash out on food so as not to harm the body. To eat must begin gradually introducing into the diet one food product. In this case, it is very fast diet will give good results, and the mass, which was able to successfully get rid of, won’t be back.

In our list of some quick diets whose effectiveness is proven. Perhaps someone has the sense to choose kefir diet, other suitable pumpkin, cottage cheese or a hearty chicken meal. There definitely is plenty to choose from.

Simple kefir diet. Its effectiveness will be noticed after three days – two to three pounds are gone. The intensity of weight loss depends on the metabolism of the body and lifestyle losing weight. A week of food on kefir diet can not only lose weight, but also significantly save. At this time you can not to think about what to buy and what to cook to eat. In addition, yogurt helps to cleanse the body.

You need to drink half a liter of nonfat yogurt every day. And the water should be consumed not less. Who will not be able to withstand, can add to the diet some useful dried fruits.

Chicken diet is no less effective. Of course, the diet should be mostly chicken without skin. It is best to take diet chicken fillet or breast. To eat them is boiled unsalted. Do not use vegetable salads. Water also drink at least a liter and a half.

Pumpkin diet many find useful. However, she, like all others has its contraindications. Is it possible for her to sit, can only tell the doctor. In the diet this quick diet will be present predominantly aromatic bocheva culture. What vegetable can be grown own – for anybody not a secret. But if this is not possible, the pumpkin can be purchased. And it is absolutely inexpensive. Nutrients in vegetables are many.

The Chinese think that the bright bocheva culture better save us from bad mood and depression. Despite the fact that the pumpkin volume (although, in recent years began to grow and small-sized pumpkins) this vegetable is very good at helping to make the waist smaller and feel lighter.

Как сбросить 5 кг за неделю? Выбери лучшую быструю диету!

Best options Express diets

To enjoy this diet, it is best to stock up on a variety of recipes from the orange vegetable. And cook, for example, for Breakfast pumpkin salad with almonds or pumpkin porridge. Lunch — soup-puree of pumpkin. In the evening eat steamed pumpkin with cinnamon. For those looking for healthy foods for diet, you should pay attention on a pumpkin diet, which will help to start a new life. Orange fruit will be a real salvation for those who lose weight. And the benefits will be twofold: to successfully go away extra weight, plus the body will receive the nutrients and vitamins.

Effective weight loss, if you stick to the diet. To this diet is not easy to get used to. However, for those who want to lose weight and to lose weight, you should take note easy buckwheat diet, rich in phosphorus, protein, iodine, fiber and vitamins B. Buckwheat is a complete meat substitute. It is permitted to eat no more than-ounce cups a day (meaning raw cereals). Rapid weight loss is guaranteed if to eat buckwheat without salt.

Nutritionists suggest if you use buckwheat cereal diet not to cook, and steamed in a thermos, pouring boiling water. It is best if buckwheat is raw green cook there for four or five hours. When cooking this unique culture will lose a lot of nutrients.

Slimming suit and low fat cottage cheese. Those who have tried the cottage cheese diet claim that it is easier to move than many others. However, despite the undoubted benefits of this food product, use it in its pure form, can be dangerous. This applies to those who suffer from diabetes, liver disease and gall bladder, atherosclerosis.

If no disease is not disturbed and there are no contraindications, cottage cheese diet will be useful and effective. This diet is fast, because the week allows you to lose up to five or even seven extra pounds. With this hair will not fall out, bones and teeth will remain strong, because, as you know, cottage cheese is rich in calcium. A companion cottage cheese should be water – half to two liters on average.

Watermelon diet much to their liking. But it has its contraindications: it is not recommended for people with kidney disease and the presence of large stones in them. “Sit” on any fast mono-diet for a long time are not allowed. A maximum of 7 days. Just one selected food product, how much would he were not rich in mineral substances and trace elements, will not saturate the organism with all necessary for him mikroelementami.

Diet to lose weight quickly, but eating right is better

For quick weight loss women very often find a effective diet. However, in an effort to lose weight make many mistakes. What? And why do nutritionists believe that after all of nutrition is much better than any diet? What products should be abandoned and which should be in the diet without compromising health?

Как сбросить 5 кг за неделю? Выбери лучшую быструю диету!

Simple rules – no problem. And the extra pounds too. To be in shape, do not have to torture yourself weekly Express diets. It is possible to give up sweets, alcohol, fatty, fried foods and fastfudov, drinking the right amount of water a day to do as much physical exertion. A healthy diet, restful sleep, high water content is the most effective and simple methods of losing weight.

In addition, significantly improve the condition of hair and skin. Doctors recommend every day to eat liquid diet should be vegetable soup or chicken broth. But the use of the cream of creams. it is better to limit. Well, if the diet will be vegetables without butter. Season them with lemon juice and fresh herbs.

To reduce the weight enough to eat whole grain rice, oat, barley, wheat cereals. In this case, the body receives fewer calories, and it quickly becomes saturated. In addition, decreases the level of cholesterol. Pizza lovers don’t have to abandon it for weight loss. If you cook it on a thin dough of oat bran and sprinkle vegetables and low-fat cheese, then you can brag to your useful recipe with your friends. Just all you need to eat in moderation. Greatly reduces body mass fractional power. This weight loss is considered one of the most effective.

Fiber – the best friend for weight loss

Hoping to correct your form, you can also resort to the use of fiber. This food will meet your expectations. In addition, fiber does not harm health. So maybe better to try something natural?

Fiber to lose weight is the most useful diet. Oat bran swell, increase in size and fill the stomach. Using them, people quickly saturated for a long period of time. Fiber is in beans product feeds, many fruits, it is contained in seaweed, there is in barley and oats. If you eat fiber, you can lose weight. Start with small amounts – half a teaspoon of fiber. Then gradually increase the dose, bringing to two teaspoons a day.

Of oat bran you can cook even pancakes and, as noted earlier, the oven pizza. Them judiciously to add to the yogurt. It is better to eat bran in the morning in form of porridge. Can be mixed with yogurt. Fiber is a useful product which will not leave in the body calories, but will saturate the body and help to lose weight. In addition, dietary fiber excellent “clean” the walls of the intestines and stomach.

For those who want to lose weight, using fiber, you need to take the yogurt. Drink four times a day 200 ml low-fat yogurt, pre-adding two teaspoons of fiber (it can be purchased in the pharmacy) every time. Instead of buttermilk you can use yogurt – whichever product prefer.

In addition, you can eat two vegetables a day and one piece of fruit in its sole discretion. Only their weight should be not more than two hundred grams. Such a diet is not just a good way to lose weight and cleanse the body. Those who tried to imagine kefir fasting tissue, note the absence of painful feeling of hunger. This method will be most useful. Recommended even make of them fasting days.

Charging the body with fiber, don’t forget about the vigor and activity! If it is too difficult to exercise, no desire to visit a gym or have no time, it is important at least to walk at least twenty minutes a day. Instead of having to ride somewhere on the bus or a personal car, it is better to get out and walk. Hiking should become the norm. Let the fiber and the sport becomes an axiom. It is more beneficial to health, and the body charged with energy, and the shape is beautiful.

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