How to decorate Easter eggs: 3 great ideas

Как красиво разукрасить пасхальные яйца: 3 отличные идеи

Only the top ideas to make your Easter eggs unique.

As you know, for Easter it is accepted to paint eggs and present their relatives, friends, guests, and leave in the Church to serve the poor.
According to legend, Mary Magdalene came to Roman Emperor Tiberius to tell about the miracle. As for the meeting with the Emperor couldn’t come with empty hands, Mary Magdalene brought a symbolic offering of the chicken egg. Tiberius listened to the woman, but don’t believe her, saying that the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as impossible as turning the eggs from white to red. And at the same moment the egg is brought by Mary Magdalene, turned red…

Since then, every Easter people paint eggs as a sign of faith in the Lord.

You want to diversify the Easter holiday and give your family the original Easter eggs to the table, but your imagination refuses to help you, we hurry to help.

In this material there are exclusive ideas that will surprise everyone.

1. Space eggs for Easter

Как красиво разукрасить пасхальные яйца: 3 отличные идеи

Space eggs for Easter


  • acrylic paint
  • brush or an old toothbrush
  • water

How to paint:

Paint the balls black acrylic paint. To evenly cover the egg – use a stand for the eggs.
Apply separately to the cardboard “space colors”. For example, purple, blue, light blue, Golden, white and the like. Select one color and spray it on the egg. This can be done with a brush or even old toothbrush. However, apply a different color only after the previous layer has dried.

2. Eggs decoupage

Как красиво разукрасить пасхальные яйца: 3 отличные идеи

Easter eggs in the style of decoupage

Using this technique, you will easily be able to decorate Easter eggs with their hands, moreover, and the child can learn to do decoupage: everything is very simple.

First of all, select paper napkins with a beautiful pattern. Then this figure will need to be carefully cut with scissors.

Next, remove the top layer of napkin and glue on a pre-greased with white glue egg. To get the beautiful, gently smoothes creases and again covered with glue. The result is very interesting.
Decoupage is better to take white egg – the pattern looks brighter.

3. Lace patterns on the Easter eggs

Как красиво разукрасить пасхальные яйца: 3 отличные идеи

To paint eggs for Easter: great ideas

To get a gentle and beautiful pattern, wrap the eggs in a piece of lace fabric, secure the ends with thread and dipped in a solution of paint for 10-15 minutes. After the desired time, get eggs and take off fabric lace patterns will remain on the shell.

Useful tips on how to make the perfect Easter egg:

  1. According to Church tradition to paint eggs need to Maundy Thursday.
  2. To eggs when cooking not burst, they need about an hour to hold warm or at room temperature, when boiled in water adding a tablespoon of salt.
  3. To give the eggs an amazing Shine, wipe them with vegetable oil.
  4. Before dyeing eggs, wipe them with soap and water or alcohol — the paint will go smoother.
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