How to choose a car pump

In the trunk of a car is a must-have pump for tyres. But what?

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

Automotive car pump or a compressor, a low – profile but highly useful accessory. Moreover, its low price, is divided into importance in critical situations, automatically reduces the compressor for tires the ” must have “. And additional device functions can be useful literally every day. On the one hand, it completely tires you have to pump up rarely, it’s usually on the tire when the tire change. But on the other hand, the pressure in the tires, it is desirable to monitor them periodically to pump. Therefore, in the trunk of a car is a must-have pump for tyres. But what?

Types of pumps and compressors for tires

All devices for inflating tires can be divided into two large groups : mechanical pumps (hereinafter “pumps” ) and electric vehicles (hereinafter simply ” compressors “).

A mechanical pump for the tires is a device that will require applying physical force to inflate the tires. Mechanical car pump for tires can be of two types: foot pump – the design of the scissor is installed in the middle cylinder and the piston ; hand pump made in the form of the letter “T” with a vertically mounted cylinder and handles on two sides of it. The drawback with both types of mechanical pumps are the same – the need to put physical efforts, from which then can hurt the body (feet and back, respectively).

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

A normal foot pump for tyre: one or two cylinder, foot pedal and a pressure gauge, hose for air – and that all of its simple design

However, mechanical pumps have other advantages: low price, simple structure, compact size (only true for the foot pump).

Electric compressor for tires (car or air compressor) – that’s the device that does not require physical effort to inflate the air. The basis of the compressor – small piston pump and motor, powered by cigarette lighter or directly from battery terminals.

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

Electric car air compressor for the tires is always the Union of the electric motor with power supply auto, piston pump and pressure gauge (digital or analog)

In addition, car air compressor often can not only pump the tire, but offers other features: digital pressure gauge with the function of “Hitchhiking”, the white illumination of the workplace, red emergency signal lights, separate pump for inflating boats and other things. Today compressors are taking over the market, they account for most sales.

The main characteristics of the compressor

Car air compressor for tires has several key characteristics, which are important to pay attention : maximum pressure, the feed rate of air, time of continuous work, the power of the engine. For car pump – foot or hand – these parameters are very conditional, because the “engine” of the pump acts as a specific person with his physical capabilities.

Maximum air pressure – this pressure is reached the compressor for buses in principle. Typically a car tyre pump to a pressure of about 2 atmospheres, and most compressors can easily handle this job. However, if you want to pump more pressure, which is especially important for heavy trucks, it is necessary to pay attention to the most efficient models. Let them pressure higher than needed, but this ensures a high margin of safety of such compressors.

The second important parameter is the pumping speed of air, measured in l / min Efficiency of conventional compressor, it is sufficient for inflating the tire of the car for 2-5 minutes. More powerful compressors are needed only for “very hurried motorists” or larger wheel trucks. However, here also the rule is triggered, the greater the productivity, the higher the reliability. And it’s not just the margin of safety, and that such compressors can be equipped with a cooling system (let it be even a simple fan), which prevents overheating of the engine and the piston pump inside the case.

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

Hence the third parameter is the running time of the compressor. This figure is rarely indicated, but it is very important : the cheaper compressors, the continuous operating time may be only about 20 minutes. And if you inflate one tyres need 5 min., when pumping a full set of four wheel automotive compressor will operate at maximum capacity. Meanwhile, more expensive models can easily run non-stop for more than 30 minutes, and their performance is such that the tire is of medium size can be pumped in less than 2 min.

Finally, the last item – motor capacity of the compressor. Here not in a hurry : a powerful compressor doesn’t always mean speed, but it always means the electric load of the vehicle. Therefore, a very powerful compressors often must be connected directly to the battery ( car cigarette lighter typically has its guard, designed for 10-15 a at A voltage of 12 V gives 120-180 W maximum permissible power is the power of the engine of conventional compressor for passenger car not to exceed 120-180 watts ).

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

Choose to the eye…

We discussed the main technical characteristics of the motor of the compressor, but often buy them on the principle of “that was pleasant on the eyes”… Probation compressors for tires can be divided into two groups: the “plastic boxes” and semi – “cylindrical compressors”.

Cheapest “plastic boxes” are usually hidden inside a simple pump and a weak motor, arched top analog or digital pressure gauge. They are more noisy than work, but for 100-150 UAH, “just in case” in the trunk don’t hurt.

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

However, the plastic boxes can be and others – expensive but very functional and of high quality. The best examples of compressors: Ring RAC Ring RAC 640 and 650, Heyner DigiMatic 236. Typically, these compressors already have a digital manometer with LCD display and the function of “Hitchhiking” light illumination of the workplace, signal lamp, additional compartments for accessory storage, bag included. And the compressor design is worked to trifles: Yes cooling system, stable legs, stick with a nice coating, large switches.

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

The second type of devices – semi-professional compressor for tyres radically different in their appearance from the above. Its base cylindrical shape hides a large electric motor, and the top is a piston pump with cooling fins on the cylinder. More of differences hidden inside: a special material pump and piston mechanism have minimal wear; ribbed surface of the cylinder protects the pump from overheating; widely spaced rubber feet clearly fixes the compressor in one place.

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

The main differences between semi-professional compressor – large smooth cylinder from the bottom for the motor and a small ribbed cylinder from the top for the pump

The result is a device that works reliably, quietly and long. Most of these compressors are equipped with a pressure gauge, but only occasionally – the function of “Hitchhiking” and the signal lights. Examples of such compressors can be Vitol KA-T12220 “Tornado”, the Challenger CHX-302.

Additional functions and extra care

The article has several times mentioned the function of “Hitchhiking” is perhaps one of the most popular systems in electric compressors : before pumping the bus should only set the desired pressure and when it is reached, the compressor turns off. Typically, this function is implemented on the compressors with digital gauge and only occasionally found in the “analog” models.

Another important function is different the lights are illuminated when operating with the compressor. Most often there are two modes of illumination: normal white illumination of the workplace and Morgan red light that warns other drivers about the problem on the road.

Third – pay attention to the model of automobile compressor. Top-level model usually have on the housing compartments for storage of small things, various adapters. Connector for can often be equipped with its own fuse. Finally, even the model of the medium price class and above usually come complete with a bag for carrying and storage – very useful accessory.

And finally, the fourth – pay attention to the features of each model. For example, there are models with external gauge, with two motors and two pumps (high pressure tires and low pressure to inflate boats or mattresses ), with the function of “Hitchhiking” on the analog pressure gauge, air compressor vacuum cleaner and more.

Як вибрати автомобільний насос

A few words about caring for the automotive compressor. As a rule, the device does not require special care, but still it is recommended to periodically clean the grille for air in the device housing. Another tip is to also clean the fitting that connects the compressor to the bus.

As for most popular, high-quality, well-known products, we can highlight: Alca compressors, compressors Coido, Koto compressors, Ring compressors, compressors Vitol.

A good choice and a bargain!

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