Housekeeper: Yes or no

Домработница: да или нет

Housekeeper – assistant or someone who will replace your man you? Is it worth it to let strangers into the house?

Real history proves that to do a best friend of the housekeeper just not worth it. This could lead to material losses – in the best case, and worst – the loss of family. They insinuate themselves into the confidence, and then pierce with a dagger of betrayal. Double strike – when a man takes someone, “your”, or the more close friend. Remember that the maid who pretends to be your friend, may at any time remove the stained apron, put on the lace apron and get closer to your man.

By the way, is often the deciding factor in this betrayal is not beauty, harmony, the mind or the household servants. Just lover gets stronger. Not in the sense that it may wring his hands, shoulder to shoulder and carry the man she loved, but in the sense that she’s smarter, more agile, resourceful and meaner. She is strong in spirit, cunning, and able to walk over corpses.

It’s terrible, but in the modern world such stories a lot. However, razluchnitsy just did not think that is terrible. According to their firm belief, the abandoned spouse needs to be sincerely happy that ex-husband found his happiness, and wish the young couple a long life together. Hurrah!

No uminova from the husband’s family the young lady said that they lived there well and good, but I got in and ruined everything. Most interesting is that THERE are always all bad (in her opinion). Then the assistant and decides to help deeper – not floors to wash, and the man to relax at the end of a hard day. How could it be otherwise? The couple have not slept together, often quarrel, she always rolls up the scandals and nags him about everything. But he can’t leave until the children grow up. The myth that she invented, and safely believe.

Домработница: да или нет

Among other things, the real story is that even “dandelions” steal money and other material values. Of course, everywhere there are exceptions. But statistics is that cases of loss very much.

No one will make up for the losses and betrayals. Therefore, the liability and security of your personal site — just for you. Of course, assistants can be taken if necessary, but it is necessary to observe safety rules.

  • Do not let them close
  • Don’t let them know the secrets of your family life
  • Do not share your problems
  • Do not leave access to money, jewelry and expensive things.
  • Not connect with your surroundings
  • Do not trust anyone.

Having a helper around the house or not – to solve only to you. In any case, take care family and think about whether the candle game!

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