Health horoscope for may 18, 2018 for all Zodiac signs

Health horoscope for may 18, 2018.

Гороскоп здоров&#039я на 18 травня 2018 року для всіх знаків Зодіаку

Daily health horoscope for each sign of the Zodiac, reports Rus.Media.


The rams should be especially attentive to the rules of hygiene. Do not think that quickly lifted it isn’t considered fallen – so if you need the risk of catching intestinal disorders?


On this day, do not deny your body a well-deserved relaxation, especially if he’s giving you signals in the form of inattention and distraction. Listen to yourself and you will understand what you need now.


Today you do not eat seafood, especially raw. So, going out is better to postpone at least for a couple of days and yet to pay the closest attention to fruits and vegetables: they are for you now much healthier.


Now try to keep it positive and not to succumb to the decadent moods. It is for this reason, can worsen long-standing disease and have a headache.


Now try to avoid irritation of the stomach. Refrain from anything too spicy, salty, sharp and careful with medications. If you do not accept them does not, try to drink a full glass of water.


Now keep your knees and elbows. A big chance in the evening to be like the twelve year old boy decorated standard for this age abrasions.


Now likely there is some weakness, perhaps the reason for this lack of sleep and calorie intake. Now you shouldn’t have to torture yourself, your body is not limitless, and the vitamins sure won’t hurt you.


On this day, tone your body is unlikely to be too high. To solve this problem, try to plan the day and also to correctly combine food.


On this day you will have a thousand and one opportunity to improve your health, however it is not the fact that you will use them all. So everybody didn’t have: if you help first, it will be great.


Capricorns should pay attention to measures to maintain their vision because now because of the fatigue you may encounter a number of very serious deterioration in your health.


Now pay attention to the neck. Wrap it in a scarf or cover with collar: any draught can reach it, and then not be good for your whole body.


On this day, you will likely feel a real surge of strength and energy. Analyze your actions lately, it is likely that this was the effect of some new technique or a new set of exercises.

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