Healing in Ukraine will not be: the Ministry of health prohibits the people’s medicine

Целительства в Украине не будет: Минздрав запрещает народную медицину

“If modern medical science does not recognize the practice of healers, healers and psychics as a method of treatment, it can not recognize the law and the state,” Suprun.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine have prepared a bill that repeals the issuance of a special permit from the Ministry of health on occupation by traditional medicine, it said acting Minister of health Suprun.

Today the Ukrainian legislation defines traditional medicine as a method of rehabilitation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of many generations of people, entrenched in the folk traditions and do not require state registration. “What are these methods and how they can be justified from a scientific point of view — evidence-based medicine is unknown”, — emphasizes Suprun.

Science and legislation does not provide criteria for confirmation of the experience of many generations. Any methods of recovery, diagnosis and treatment must be safe and effective for patients.

The prepared bill provides for the abolition of a special issuance authorization to engage in national medicine (healing and it is. However the people who practice the healing arts, will not be recognized by the law as a method of cure of the disease.

“Patients who will be referred to the homeopaths or traditional healers, will find that their activities are not supported by any public documents, so it is not a place of rendering of medical aid”.

We will remind that earlier Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft law, which allows organ transplants after the donor’s death.

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