Great women about men: 10 famous quotes

Великие женщины о мужчинах: 10 знаменитых цитат

Famous Actresses, singers, producers, writer… Achieving the heights of overwork, they always remained first and foremost women, who want understanding, support and care. Each of them, as any other of us at least once faced with betrayal, lies, and other blows of fate. We remembered the wise quotations of prominent women about men!

“Women are often afraid to say what they want. That is why they are not getting what they want.” (Madonna)

“Smart woman constantly strives to know less than the man with whom she is talking”. (Hildegard Knef)

“Taste is formed gradually. Twenty years ago I happened to marry men, which now I wouldn’t be invited even for lunch.” (Elizabeth Taylor)

“I dress for women and undress for men.” (Angie Dickinson)

“My motto is not to worry, take it easy!” (Marilyn Monroe)

“The health of women admiring glances of men is more important than calories and medications”. (Françoise Sagan)

“God made women beautiful to be able to love men, and foolish so they could love men”. (Faina Ranevskaya)

“Women talk about love and not talking about lovers, men – on the contrary: talking about the mistress, but are silent about love”. (Marina Tsvetaeva)

“The man always confuses devotion to women with a weakness until it finds that need the strength of Samson, the patience of job and the mind of Solomon to get rid of her”. (Helen Rowland)

“Every man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than a woman with beautiful legs”. (Marlene Dietrich)

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