Fragrant assistant: three reasons why it is useful to drink coffee

All told that coffee is harmful – increases the pressure and bad influence on the stomach. But really, coffee is even useful.

Ароматний помічник: три причини, чому корисно пити каву

All is well, if in moderation, the wise one tells the truth, and this, by the way, it is. If you drink 7-8 cups of coffee – of course, you will cause irreparable harm to the stomach. But if you drink coffee moderately, you can bring your health and benefit. The three main reasons that say about the usefulness of coffee, reports Rus.Media.

Coffee, as found by scientists from the U.S. Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center found that three cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 65%, as it strengthens the walls of blood vessels. By the way, the same applies to Parkinson’s disease – here the figure reaches 20%.

The second reason to drink coffee is to improve the cardiovascular system, talking about a long research of scientists of Harvard. For those, who all his life refused to caffeine, and then decided to include it in the diet, might not be so lucky – the pressure drop has not been canceled. Therefore, scientists advise to start drinking coffee gradually, and after a certain age to drink coffee becomes a threat.

By the way, the girls in pursuit of beauty also pay attention to the coffee. This drink helps to keep yourself in shape and lose weight because it burns fat and stimulates metabolism, and also has beneficial effects on color and the skin, making it not so dull. No wonder coffee and add in different scrubs.

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