Energy diet – how to lose weight once and for all

Энерджи диет – как похудеть раз и навсегда

Energy diet is a system of balanced nutrition that not only helps you shed pounds, but also improve the body. Bring out all the toxins.

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  • 1 How does energy diet
  • 2 Composition energy diet
  • 3 What are the cocktails energy diet
  • 4 weight loss Program energy diet
  • 5 Basic rules for energy diet
  • 6 Who banned energy diet
  • 7 Reviews energy diet
  • 8 analogues of the energy diet

Soon to be opened beach season. Over the winter a gained the extra pounds that are not appetizing hanging from the sides. Everyone wants to look fit and slim. So people sit on varied diets. Among them, the most popular energy diet. It is not just for people visiting the gym or sports hall, but also on those who live a sedentary life. Energy diet is a specially designed cocktails, which help to lose weight, correct figure and add a person a boost of energy. You can buy them either on the official website, or from distributors. On top of that cocktail will help excrete toxins and waste products.
Important: before starting any diet doctors must give their consent.

How does energy diet

Energy diet will effectively help you get rid of fat. Its main feature is that it does not promise instant results. This diet slowly, but surely, will help each to gain the figure that you have always dreamed of. With the gradual weight loss, losing weight will not have problems with sagging skin.
In this diet you have optimized getting the vitamins, minerals.

In cocktails that need to be taken during the diet, full of fiber and enzymes. Besides, the toxins in the body, the cocktails are not formed. Thus, energy diet helps in improving digestion.
In the products contained in the cocktails, sufficient amounts of protein. After drinking it, you’ll feel well-fed. After it will not pull on the little snacks that, in the end, and lead to weight gain.

Энерджи диет – как похудеть раз и навсегда

How does energy diet

Taking a cocktail instead of meal, you can adjust its digestion. Unlearn bad food.
Cocktails are diluted with low-fat milk, broth, yogurt or plain carbonated water.

Composition energy diet

This diet is aimed at giving you all the nutrients and elements in such proportion to provide you with energy and at the same time remove toxins from the body.
In energy diet includes plant and animal proteins. The cocktails are almost twenty different amino acids that are not found only in food. In energy diet with no animal fats and “bad” cholesterol. It includes only the useful minerals, for example, linoleic acid. It helps the body fight cancer cells. There are cocktails and carbohydrates. But they are so well balanced that help your muscles and brain constantly to be in good shape. To bring the harmful toxins from the body into energy diet is fiber. It normalizes microflora in the body and keeps the feeling of satiety. Optimize bowel function minerals and vitamins. Enerzhdi in their diets presented by whole dozens. To better digest the proteins in cocktails, there are enzymes.

What are the cocktails energy diet

There are about twenty different cocktails that can be bought even through the Internet. Somewhat sweet, such as banana, raspberry or strawberry. There are soups: split pea, mushroom. In addition, there is chocolate, cocktail, cappuccino, and even scrambled eggs. Cocktails can even be mixed with each other. Make them have three to four times per day. This drink will be substitute food.

Энерджи диет – как похудеть раз и навсегда

What are the cocktails energy diet

Weight loss program energy diet

It includes three phases:

  1. The first is the start, that is, the occurrence in the diet. Before the actual dieting process is necessary to prepare your body.
  2. The second is the actual diet.
  3. And third the control diet.

In the preparation phase, the diet is changing eating habits. The starting program is designed for three to five days. The duration depends on how much you want to lose weight. If your overweight less than ten pounds – it will last three days. The five-day programme launch is designed for those who weigh more than ten pounds from my norm. Per day calorie intake will be reduced to the level of fifteen hundred.

The first phase

To eat five times a day. To eat approximately four hundred grams of vegetables per day. They can be taken in any form: raw, boiled, stewed, to make salads. Dressing for salads must be low-calorie. Drink at least half liter of water. Ideally two liters. In addition to ordinary drinking water can make tea and coffee (without caffeine). But only from sugar will have to give.

As soon as this stage is, in any case can not give yourself a little slack. Otherwise there will be a new extra pounds. At this time it is recommended to start a diary. It will need to record your weight and body measurements (waist, hips, thighs, hands, forearms).

The program of the second stage

It lasts for months. At the previous stage the body is tuned to burn fat. In the second stage the number of calories that you consume will increase. However, the weight will continue to decrease. The diet at this stage will become more diverse. If you are seriously overweight, after a month on the second stage you need to go back to the first one and go through it one more time. This will reinforce the weight reduction.

At this stage, in addition to the vegetables you want to add one protein meal. This can be a choice:

  • Two boiled eggs (only protein part);
  • One hundred grams of lean meat;
  • One hundred fifty grams of chicken (definitely need to remove it from the skin);
  • One hundred grams of cheese;
  • One hundred fifty grams of skim cottage cheese;
  • One hundred and fifty grams of boiled fish or other seafood.

Энерджи диет – как похудеть раз и навсегда

Weight loss program energy diet

The program of the third stage

This phase will last no less than a second. It will need to monitor its performance. The duration of the third stage depends on the amount of weight loss. If you were able to lose five pounds, then the control will last for five months.

This will help to get rid of bad habits and stop eating bad food. In the control phase in the diet with added fruits, berries and carbohydrates. The latter include different cereals (oats, buckwheat and rice), whole-grain bread. Resolved macaroni and lentils. The daily rate of fruit or berries – three hundred grams. In addition, the menu still includes vegetables and protein foods, which had been included in the second stage.

Basic rules for energy diet

  1. Drink as much water as possible. Two liters of water is the parameter to which you should aspire.
  2. Need every day to monitor their weight and volume.
  3. To enhance the effect of the cocktail, you need half an hour to drink a glass of water.
  4. It is forbidden to skip a meal. Do not eat before the TV or computer.
  5. Power fractional. Breakfast and lunch full on the evening is better not to eat.
  6. If hungry, the best snack is either a fruit or a vegetable.
  7. The menu for the day is prepared in advance (for one day, for example).
  8. A ban on fatty, starchy, sweet, salty. Alcohol too needs to be abandoned. The only thing is a glass of wine. But to allow him to drink that yourself can not often.

Whom forbidden energy diet

Prior to it is necessary to consult and obtain the approval from the doctors. During pregnancy and lactation women can not go on a diet, including on energy. Also this diet is banned for children under the age of sixteen. Hypertension, problems with the cardiovascular system, insomnia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract it is better to abandon this diet. It is not recommended and pensioners.

Reviews about the energy diet

Reviews about this diet a lot and all one is diverse and diametrically opposed. In the comments many people write that they have managed, albeit slowly, but to lose weight. In reviews, you can often find words that through the energy diet women rid of harmful eating habits, lost weight, they have normal metabolism. And most importantly, people who go on energy diet remain full. They have no temptation to eat something unhealthy, like cookies or candy bars. Of the negative aspects only mention the high cost of cocktails.

Энерджи диет – как похудеть раз и навсегда

Reviews about the energy diet

Counterparts energy diet

Is there a possibility of something to replace the energy cocktails? Producers claim that analogues of their products there. However, the price of these cocktails too bite, so many people are trying to find a cheaper alternative.

One of their main competitors energy diet is familiar to many from the nineties Herbalife. Powders Herbalife rich in a lot of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, in some mixtures of Herbalife there is sugar, which, as you know, is not well suited for weight loss. But among the possible analogs that the product composition is similar to energy diet. Besides, as Herbalife has proven over the years. If you love sweets, then a great option is chocolate or vanilla shake. Sweet tastes in Herbalife not so much as in energy, four in total. But they are cheaper. The downside of this product is that to fully replace a meal, as energy he can’t. Besides, there are no such elements as manganese or iodine.

Prana Food – another cheap analogue energy diet. It is also powdery and promises to lose weight, providing energy for the whole day, the elimination of toxins. This analog has a pleasant taste and dissolves easily in liquid. However, it is necessary to be very careful. The fact that this product Prana Food is based on cheap protein from soy. In addition to soy include: pectin, lecithin, ginger, and magnesium carbonate. Like Herbalife, Prana Food can not be a substitute for Breakfast, lunch or dinner. So it is best used as a Supplement. You’ll have to add also vitamins and minerals. Not suitable for those who have low or high blood pressure.

The Natural Balance. The composition of these powders include egg and milk protein, and green peas. It has no TRANS fats and dyes. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats balanced. Allowed people who have problems with pressure. Pregnant women are allowed only after consultation with your doctor. Leaves behind a feeling of satiety and you don’t want to reach for the sweet snack. But also will not replace a single meal. Has the ability to completely dissolve in the liquid. Aimed only at weight loss, not healing of the body, so you will need to take additional vitamins and minerals.

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