Easter eggs, raskroechnye nature

Пасхальные яйца, раскарешенные самой природой

In this article you will find information how to paint Easter egg according to the ancient customs.

In ancient times our ancestors were painting eggs for Easter with natural methods and have not used dyes. Cake turned out beautiful and did not contain chemicals.

Dye eggs with onion peel

Пасхальные яйца, раскарешенные самой природой

Color eggs painted with onion peel

Eggs can be painted with a bow in a variety of colors: from yellow to red-brown. The color depends on the concentration of broth. You need to prepare a decoction of onion peel and let it infuse. If you want the color was more intense, peel it is necessary to take more and to cook it about half an hour before in broth lower eggs.

What do we do next? Egg drop present in the broth, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Pulling, cool.

Dye eggs the natural coffee

Пасхальные яйца, раскарешенные самой природой

Dye eggs with your hands

Natural ground coffee is poured into a saucepan, fill with water. In a glass of water can I take 4 teaspoons of coffee with a slide. For more intense color even more. Bring coffee to a boil, reduce the heat to prevent boiling and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Filter coffee and allow it to cool. Raw eggs thoroughly rinsed, you can use the dish soap. Pour eggs cold coffee. Coffee should completely cover the eggs. Put on the heat — cook the eggs on low heat for 7-10 minutes. Delicately remove, spread on a plate with a napkin. Thanks to the tissue, which rapidly absorbs the moisture from the bottom of the eggs are not created dark spots. The advantages of painting eggs coffee: natural, absolutely harmless dye. To paint eggs it is possible from light brown to dark brown depending on the saturation of the solution.

Eggs, colored by the juice of black chokeberry

Пасхальные яйца, раскарешенные самой природой

Eggs, painted ash

Get out of the freezer and frozen Aronia berries. Defrost. The Rowan tree press with a fork to release the juice from the berries. Raw eggs fill with water, add crushed fruits chokeberry. The liquid should completely cover the eggs. Cook hard-boiled eggs. The Rowan berries paint the water in dark lilac color.

Пасхальные яйца, раскарешенные самой природой

Eggs can be dyed naturalnymi colors

Make different coloring you can use: oranges, lemons, or carrots then you will get a pale yellow color.
To Easter eggs turned a light green or lush green, you can take spinach leaves, nettle, green apples.

Blue red cabbage leaves. After dyeing Easter eggs, to Shine, wipe them with vegetable oil.

The material is prepared by Olesya Soldatenko

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