Diet for breastfeeding mothers: a detailed diet

Диета для кормящих мам: подробный рацион

Diet for breastfeeding mothers: a list of permitted and prohibited foods. Diet for allergies, atopic dermatitis, diathesis and colic.

The contents

  • 1 Diet for nursing moms
  • 2 How to eat in various childhood diseases
  • 3 Weight loss while breastfeeding

In the first months the baby will only eat your milk. Your milk is very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that help the baby grow day by day. Mother’s milk greatly affects the physical, mental and emotional development of the child. Moreover, breast milk is several times reduces the risk of disease baby diseases such as allergies, diabetes. Helps the baby not to be infected by various infections, and also protects from obesity. So the most important thing for you, and most importantly, your child will be what you eat.

Diet for nursing mothers

Even after the birth of a child menu of a young mother should be all the same a balanced and correct, as during pregnancy. Here it is possible to allocate two aspects. The diet should be:

  1. A variety;
  2. Safe.

As soon as the child was born, your main food are cereals, cooked in water (buckwheat, corn). With oatmeal and rice need to be more careful. The latter can cause newborn constipation. If that happened, rice should be abandoned.

Of meat best suited beef, chicken, pork. If you cook the rabbit meat, Turkey or beef, it must be either boiled or stewed. Of yogurt per day to drink a pint or slightly more (up to seven grams). But with him you have to be careful. Yogurt sometimes newborns causes flatulence. It should not therefore be this fermented milk product to get involved. Cheese eat low-fat, plain yogurt. A good dish will be sour. The best fruit for mom will be a simple green Apple. You can eat a banana. Once or twice a week nursing mothers need to eat boiled pike-perch, hake, or carp.

Диета для кормящих мам: подробный рацион

Diet for nursing mothers

Dairy products before consumption must undergo heat treatment. Eating more of curd and cheese. But whole cow’s milk does not build carried away. Its excess may cause allergic child. Therefore, alternates the intake of milk with kefir or yogurt. Don’t forget about the oil. So, the daily amount of butter should be no less than twenty grams, and vegetable (olive or corn) to ten or fifteen grams.

A day nursing mothers need to eat more vegetables. They must be fresh and also subjected to a heat treatment. A good dish will be steamed zucchini or cooked beets. Any spices. You can chew rusks, biscuits “Maria” or drying.

Limited, but can a little pampering and treats. Choose candy or marshmallows. If I wanted marmalade, he should not have artificial colors. But pastry to eat very carefully and in very small portions.

When the child reaches three months, it is possible to expand the diet. You can add several types of cereals: barley, semolina and wheat. Fresh fruit (Apple) and vegetable (carrot, beet) juices. You can eat some nuts (peanuts, pistachios). Allowed to add to your menu a spoonful of sour cream and a little honey and homemade Apple or cherry jam. The drinks include in your diet juices, fruit drinks, or fruit drinks made from blueberry and currant.

The second important point diet breastfeeding is safe food. The baby’s body is still very weak. So the mother should very carefully choose what she eats. Foods you need to eat fresh. They should not be no carcinogens, chemical additives, dyes and preservatives.

So, we should abandon salty and smoked products. Banned canned goods and sausage. Refrain from foods that are full of sugar: sugary cereals, soft drinks, all kinds of cheese and curds mass.

Allergic potential have products such as chocolate, citrus, tomatoes, meat of young animals, as well as seafood.

Not less important is the fact that drinking nursing mother. The amount of fluid per day should be at least one liter. It can be not only water but also tea, freshly squeezed juices or compotes.

How to eat during various childhood diseases

Unfortunately, one hundred percent to protect your baby from illness in young mothers fail. In various diseases in children nursing mother needs to know how to eat right to prevent harm and to help to cure him.

Diet for allergies in children

Allergic reaction the baby may appear due to various reasons. Baby’s skin can irritate and washing powder, and perfume for adults. Allergens can enter the body of the baby and during breastfeeding. Identify the allergen very difficult. But it is possible to conduct recording, where you record what you ate, and what was the reaction of the baby.

If the cause of the Allergy has become breastfeeding, to abandon breast-feeding is not necessary. At this time, mommy needs to change your diet. She needs a hypoallergenic diet. If you are allergic, the child mother should give up fish, eggs, fruits and berries red, spice, soft cheese, ham. Have to limit in confectionery and bakery products, sour cream, milk.

Of allowed products include: kislorodnyi products like yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese, a variety of cereals (except semolina), soups, lean meats and Turkey breast, wheat or rye bread. Drinks like green tea and compotes without sugar.

Food mother when diathesis in a child

Diathesis is not a disease but only a predisposition to it. But amid a rash often occur such diseases as allergic or atopic dermatitis. So this trait is necessary to pay attention.

An important point in the diet is a way of cooking food. She needs to undergo the type of thermal treatment. Before you eat the potato, it needs a good soak in water. Fermented milk products – yogurt or cottage cheese you need to eat small portions. A lot of allergens in colocado, oranges, strawberries. With these products it is necessary to wait. On the day you need to eat about five hundred grams of carbohydrates and one hundred and twenty grams of protein and fat.

For Breakfast eat a little rice or oatmeal with milk and green tea with Galeton. Before lunch you can eat a one hundred grams of curd and drink it with a glass of low-fat yogurt. For lunch recommended to cook the soup vegetables, saute them and make mashed potatoes and steamed veal cutlets. Drown all this with a compote of dried fruits. A few hours can have a snack of a few green apples that zapiki in the oven. Your dinner will be boiled fish (hake, for example), buckwheat, and steamed zucchini. Before bedtime drink a half Cup of yogurt.

Atopic dermatitis in the child and mom diet

This allergic disease is characterized by the appearance of lesions on the skin of the baby. If the development of atopic dermatitis had on breastfeeding, then you need to adjust your own diet and remove vysokolikvidnye products (chocolate, seafood, strawberries, orange). They should be abandoned until the moment you cease to breastfeed. Of smoked, salted and canned, too, we should forget. You can’t eat beef and veal. Dairy products are also banned.

Diet for atopic dermatitis you should be based on boiled or steamed food. It is important to keep a food diary. If you notice that the newborn is not observed allergic reactions to boiled potatoes, or boiled chicken, these products can add to your daily diet. In breast milk should be as more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Generally, this disease add to their menu of products you need carefully, one or two products a day. You should start with small servings. The first include in the diet of vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower) and fruit (green Apple, pear).

Диета для кормящих мам: подробный рацион

How to eat during various childhood diseases

Mom diet from colic in the child

A newborn baby is very sensitive to the fact he gets his mother’s milk. His body is not able yet to produce enzymes for digestion. Therefore, in the first three months of life in children experiencing colic. And the reason for that is that eats his mother.

The more balanced diet (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals) mom and the more the child’s body receives nutrients, the less chance that he will suffer from colic. In order to produce a normal amount of milk, you should consume two and a half to three thousand calories in one day.

When colic in baby’s is strictly forbidden to use some types of vegetables. For example, cucumber, sweet pepper. Leave for future grapes and raisins. Peas and beans also can only aggravate colic. Can’t drink cow’s (as in other matters, and any other) milk and drinks with gas. But you yogurt, though in small small portions.

As you produce about one litre of milk (to be precise, nine hundred milliliters), then you need to drink at least two times more liquid. It can be not only water, but tea (green and light blue).

Vegetables you can eat only baked or boiled. Them raw during a colic baby can not use. Give preference to vegetables that come in white or green. Apples are also better for baking, pre-clearing them from the skin.

Weight loss while breastfeeding

For the nine months of pregnancy, every woman, even the smallest, gaining in weight to an average of fifteen pounds.

Many women after giving birth try to regain its former shape and to lose weight quickly. However, hormonal background, as well as the need to eat well while breastfeeding little promote weight loss. To go on a strict diet you can’t. Mostly there’s little of the vitamins that is harmful for the baby.

However, to reduce your weight, without causing harm to the child. You need to abandon the sweet and starchy foods. Don’t eat sausages. In one Cup of sunflower seeds contains a daily dose of calories. So you’d better give them up. Drink as much water as possible.

Eat wholemeal bread. Fractional to eat every three hours. House about fifteen minutes to pay the easiest exercise. It would be nice to do yoga. Another important point that will help you get rid of excess weight will be a walk in the fresh air.

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