Cured cataracts in the usual dill


Вилікувала катаракту звичайним кропом

The doctors were in shock, and the disease was not!

A friend of my mother, Lyudmila Ivanovna, a couple of years ago put in eye clinic a very unpleasant diagnosis – cataracts. Of course, the woman was upset, but decided not to run the situation and take the treatment prescribed by doctors. She was prescribed eye drops and special glasses, reports Rus.Media.

However, six months later, the test showed that a cataract was, and remained. Well at least that condition has not deteriorated, the disease has progressed. Lyudmila Ivanovna heard from people in the queue, for the treatment of cataract there is a good way famous folk healer Natalia Petrovna Zubitskiy. Consulted doctors, but they treat the recipe with skepticism. However, once home, the woman decided to test this method.

Exactly a month was treated Lyudmila Ivanovna these people’s way, never missing a day, and what happens? The next test the doctors found no sign of cataracts – she has completely disappeared! And quality of vision has improved markedly.


You’ll need flannel fabric dense enough to hold water. Stitch out two pouch measuring approximately 5 by 5 inches. Then each bag pour 3 teaspoons (from top) of fennel seeds.

Tie the bags, place them in an enamel bowl, cover with cold water so that the liquid coated the bag. Put a Cup on the fire, heat to a boil and cook the dill in the bags for 2 minutes. Then the bags remove with a slotted spoon on a saucer to drain the water.

Still warm put a little dill on the closed eyes. From top, apply a layer of cellophane and a warm towel. Will keep on eyes to cool – about 10-15 minutes.

This procedure should be done at night before bedtime. Each bag can be used twice, and then the seeds should be discarded. The bags themselves do not throw away – simply let us seek libation them with clean water without soap, add new seeds, and further continue the treatment. Water each time should be new and fresh.

Try this recipe I hope you too will help, as it helped to Lyudmila Ivanovna.

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