“Cold” brought the husband to the amputation of hands and feet

In January of this year, the 24-year-old man felt the fever and pain in the jaw.

«Застуда» довела чоловіка до ампутації рук і ніг

A resident of Spain David Morana (Morana Davide) spoke about how I lost my legs and arms due to the fact that the doctor failed to properly diagnose him. It is reported by The Sun, reports Rus.Media.

As soon as he got worse, he went to the hospital and gave blood and urine sample. The doctor saw nothing dangerous, took the ailment with a cold and sent the patient home.

Later, Moran began vomiting, body temperature rose to 39 degrees Celsius, and on the face there brown spots. “I felt awful. My legs ached, it seemed like they were frostbitten. I took off my socks and saw that the tan markings on the feet,” said the Spaniard.

He returned to the hospital, and after examinations, the doctors discovered he had meningitis. Within two days the infection has spread throughout the body and in order to survive, man had to endure the amputation of hands and feet.

Now Moran is trying to raise money via crowdfunding money on new limbs. He admits that in the past was an athlete and would like to return to an active lifestyle.

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