Budget holidays in Rhodes with your child: the story of Olga Shvydkoi

Бюджетный отдых на Родосе с ребенком: история Ольги Швыдкой

Their children then I have not been, and all incoming parents-tourists requested “all inclusive”, because they are the same with children. I understandingly nodded his head, well, you never know what the kids need to eat, drink, snow cones, cookies… And here it is: “What trips? We’re family, like we have somewhere to go?”

So I thought that the fate of their parents at sea – sitting in the hotel, watch the baby, that shovel digging in the sand.
We ourselves to such rest was not used, love to stick his nose outside the hotel, to go, to see how the local people live, learn, so to speak “allinclusive behind the scenes”.

Бюджетный отдых на Родосе с ребенком: история Ольги Швыдкой

Olga Shvydka son

And so, when our son was 10 months old, we decided with him to go outside Ukraine. Our choice fell on Rhodes. Since I didn’t lose a former professional skills, found a voucher for funny money, and we, without hesitation, booked a tour for 11 nights.

It was the cheapest of the three, kitchen corner in the room a kilometer from the sea in the village of Faliraki. The three-pointer was a pretty decent for their money hotel with spacious room, large balcony, friendly staff and good daily maid service. The mountains of sand and pebbles that small coached from the beach, conscientiously swept from the corners, scattered dolls and the cups collected, the dishes washed, the bed sheets were every day changed.

In order to optimize the budget we took porridge sachets for Breakfast from Kiev. Place does not take a lot, but reduced costs. Of course, I try to follow the rule not to cook on vacation, but would like to spend money on experiences rather than food.

Бюджетный отдых на Родосе с ребенком: история Ольги Швыдкой

We, of course, I really wanted to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, try the Greek national dish. So we had dinner in the taverns, and had Breakfast and dinner (sometimes) “home”. We bought milk, fruits, olives, feta, olive oil, vegetables, tuna and pasta in supermarkets or shops. In the morning, ate oatmeal with fruit, sometimes in the evenings, and in the evening cooked spaghetti with tuna and Greek salad, sat on the balcony and had dinner.

You may ask, what are we so tired on vacation? And this is the most interesting! We used to travel a lot around the island. We never were on the same beach twice. Every day a new town, a new beach, a new tavern. And all this with 10-month-old little boy, who was teething, had a fever and snot flowing like a stream…

Just specify the child left the island a healthy, well-fed and with a new tooth. And, by the way, first time Rhodes went alone, without the parent’s hands. So positive in all senses affect travel on the baby.

And now in order.

Organization around Rhodes:

  • a car with a car seat rental
  • map – we got it included with the machine. Each night we decided where to go the next day
  • engaruka – irreplaceable thing, as there is a child eats, sleeps, and trouble-free moves with you for all hard to reach places. Can wear not only mom but also dad
  • stroller for a NAP on the beach. We rented in Kiev.

For daytime sleep, in addition to strollers, we also used the aforementioned engaruka, loungers on the beach, car seat, depending on where we were at the time when the child needs to sleep. We never adjust to the sleeping child and made him sleep under the circumstances. Where he slept. To some it may seem selfish parent, but I don’t think we so often rest, to tear down the plans and run to the room to put the baby to sleep. But the baby learn to fall asleep anywhere and in any surroundings, without requiring ideal conditions. Popular mom around, the rest is nonsense.

Бюджетный отдых на Родосе с ребенком: история Ольги Швыдкой

In the hotel we only stayed overnight. Had Breakfast and left for the day. In the afternoon hiding from the sun in any tavern, dined, and went on to the beach, or sightseeing. Returned in the evening, and either ate in or bathed-dressed — went to walk in the centre of Faliraki.


On the rare breakfasts and dinners I wrote above, dined every day in the new tavern. In every town, in every tavern has its own menu, so we were able to try a great variety of delicious Mediterranean dishes. The child was on breast milk, but did not disdain to taste the freshest of bread or a slice of any fish from the common table.

Our insides, loss, reinvention

This is really fun item! For the first time going on vacation with a child, the word “rest” takes on a new meaning. Relax with young kids vacationing without children, will not succeed. No way. They do not try. It’s quest. Where, how and how much to sleep? How to feed? Not to forget to drink. Take a bunch of change of clothes. How many times today he wants to jump on the trampoline? (this is about children older). How much sand he’ll eat today on the beach? If I have time to get the stone from his mouth? How many goals today we will drown in the sea? How many blades/scoops/asocek lose? Today I Wake up at 6 in the morning? I’m still on vacation… and many more such thoughts. This was our first overseas experience with a child, and truth be told, we were a little nervous. One mountain forgot brand new crocs on the boat during the boat trips left a pair of shorts while walking in the old city planted beautiful linen towel, somewhere else- cap. Lost toys is considered not taken. With each new trip kopilochku experience is filled, it becomes easier, faster uptake, many predict, will cope with unforeseen circumstances. Maybe we were given the difficult trip, as the child was cutting teeth, he was restless, and, as a consequence, we… And he went hand and never sat on the spot, had to reel him in circles. A little bit of saved the love of Europeans to the children. Different strangers walked with him along the beach, were on hand and entertained. This allowed us to take a breath and have time to drink frappachino. But whatever it was, it was a beautiful experience and an unforgettable experience that we will long remember.

Well, now comes the fun part – what to see in Rhodes?

Anthony Quinn Bay

It is a beautiful rocky beach in the 60s here was filmed the movie with the actor, in whose honor and was named this Bay. Safely hidden Cove to go down to the beach, you have stomped down the stairs. And at the top, on a rock, are comfortable Tavernetta, which offers stunning views of the pristine waters of the Mediterranean sea.


Atmospheric town which lies at the foot of the rocks crowned by the Acropolis. Narrow streets, whitewashed houses, instead of the usual transport – donkeys. At the entrance to the town on the right side you will see the Parking of donkeys. Choose which is more
much, less smell, and go up to the Acropolis. After the cultural enjoyment come on down. There you enjoy the bodily-aesthetic, so to speak. Two picturesque bays, one better than the other.


Kiss of the two seas – the place where the Aegean and Sredizemnogo sea merge together.
The originality of the beach that standing in the center of the spit, on the right hand you have one of the sea, on the left more. And, Oh, how fun it is to swim in one, and then go to the second. KOs is not wide, a lot of time drifting here and there is not. And what a beautiful pictures are obtained.


Here you are thirty-three fun. The old part of town, where you can touch history, many taverns for all tastes, sea gate, which once adorned one of the seven wonders of the world Colossus of Rhodes, the port from which you can enjoy one of the many picturesque Islands.

If you’re going to butterfly Valley, a wheelchair, do not rush to take, there are many steps, ascents and descents. Sling, engaruka or dad’s shoulders to help you. Shady valley, fragrant and beautiful – a great choice for Hiking on a hot day. This is a gorgeous nature reserve with its microclimate. Waterfalls, ponds, wooden bridges, crabs, birds and other local residents. At the entrance to the Park in the shadows hiding colorful tabernacki, I advise you to eat, walk through the Valley promises to be long and exciting


Climbing mount Filerimos, it is possible to interact with the peacocks, they’re walking, as we have pigeons in the forecourt, scream and spread their colorful tails. There are about Filerimos is a sort of interesting story, but I, frankly, do not remember her, it is possible to Google anyone is interested. But the view from the top of Filerimos is very beautiful.

From beaches that have received our attention, I want to note Ladiko, Tsambika beaches of Ialyssos and Palikari.

Stayed in Rhodes many places that we just don’t have time to visit. Consider this a reason to go back there again, but there is so much interesting…

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